Wednesday August 20, 2003

Download a clip from the new Tweaker album

This weekend, the official website for Tweaker (former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna's solo project) released a minute long preview from the upcoming album, "2am wake-up call." The new album is slated for a January 2004 release, features a number of new collaborators, as well as old friends.

David Sylvian again collaborates with Tweaker on the track entitled “Lucky Numbers.” Mellowdrone collaborates with Tweaker on a track entitled “Worse Than Yesterday.” Azam Ali from VAS is also contributing vocals. There are a host of other guests appearing on the album, and we'll let you know more information as we hear it. 2am Wake-up Call will be released on the iMUSIC / Waxploitation / BMG label.

Also of possible note -- Chris Vrenna was spotted at QuakeCon this year, sprouting rumors that he may be working on the Doom 3 soundtrack -- those are pretty much just rumors at this point, but hey you never know who you'll run into at QuakeCon.