Thursday August 28, 2003

Carrie & Chris Vrenna show their Style

Czaria wrote in, having spotted Chris & Carrie Vrenna on the boob tube yesterday:

Chris Vrenna, his wife Carrie and their home were featured on Style Network's home makeover show, Area last night. Carrie worked with a couple of friends, the show's host and a designer to redecorate their patio area. She only mentioned NIN in passing when trying to explain what Chris does for a living to the show's host. The redesign turned out nicely, including a cool gargoyle water feature, and Chris was happy. They showed a few pictures from their wedding, also.

The show will likely rebroadcast once or twice over the weekend, but I'm not sure what time.

Those two show up in the oddest places sometimes. Thanks again to Czaria for sending that in.