Tuesday August 12, 2003

Charlie Clouser News

For those of you who fancy yourselves musicians, you might be interested in this: Former NIN Keyboardist Charlie Clouser is selling one of his synths on eBay. Be sure to check out influx1's other auctions, as he is helping Charlie get rid of a bunch of other stuff, as well.

Also, Charlie has been hired to compose the score for an upcoming movie, entitled Deepwater:

It's a psychological thriller, reminiscent of Fight Club and Memento, and the director sought me out because my remix of nin's "Starfuckers, Inc." had the "chaotic, claustrophobic, and ultimately climactic" feel they are looking for in the score. (!) I'm very excited about this one.

And also, Charlie co-wrote the track "Throwing Punches" with Page Hamilton from the Underworld soundtrack, so there's yet another reason to check out that CD.