Wednesday, 12/31/03 Redesigned!

Somehow I missed this, but Burning Souls has completely revamped. So while this might have happened a little while ago, I still think it's worth mentioning, for any of you who haven't been to; Jay DeBard's page plays host to a huge amount of information, as well as a collection of fan videos, primarily featuring the work of longtime active fan Kevin Clouser. For a little more background on Jay and his website, read the interview he did with Sick Among the Pure in April 2001.
Monday, 12/29/03

Have you seen this trailer too?

Apparently it's been a busy season for movie theatres, as we've received a huge amount of email about the trailer for Man on Fire, a film starring Denzel Washington, the trailer for which heavily features The Mark Has Been Made. If you haven't seen the trailer already, follow the link above. Thanks for all your emails, sometimes it's easy to forget how many people visit this site!
Man on Fire Director Tony Scott has used NIN in his features in the past, using both "Closer (Further Away)" and "The Art of Self Destruction Part One" in his feature The Fan.
Tuesday, 12/23/03

Happy Holidays

-From TNH Staff
A few mentions...
You can read an article from Movement Mag about Danny Lohner's recent projects. Thanks Mr. Tangent.
Jerome Dillon's new project is titled Nearly and can be found at Thanks to Alex for the news.
Tuesday, 12/16/03

ERROR song available for download.

Error, a new band featuring Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Greg Puciato(Dillenger Escape Plan), Leopold Ross and NIN/Nothing programmer Atticus Ross have posted a free MP3 download on their Epitaph Records website. Entitled "Nothing's Working," a 2:38 track that introduces their debut EP, due early 2004.
Glitchy, distorted, synthetic, loud and fast, it's not really your typical Epitaph Records release. The website says, press-release style, "If punk is change then Error is the future." One lost reviewer on the website quipped "i want some drums, maybe guitar, or bass. i dont want this techno shit. what is happening to punk?" That should give you an idea of what you're downloading. I say check it out, it's definitely a CD I'll be picking up in February.
Along with the MP3 for "Nothing's Working," the site now has a full bio for the band, interesting reading about how it all came together. While Greg Puciato did the vocals for the EP, they are looking for someone to do full-time vocal duty on the full-length album, which Atticus and Leopold are working on in between finishing up the Nine Inch Nails album.
Who knows, perhaps they'll be done in time for NIN to tour. I know that personally, this band has very quickly joined the top of my list of bands to watch out for.
Monday, 12/15/03

Holiday tour of Reznor's historic Garden District home

This past weekend, if you were a member of the New Orleans Preservation Resource Center, you got word that the 29th Annual Holiday Home tour was on again this year. Some picked up that a 'local artist' (who had wished to remain anonymous) would be opening his home to this public tour. A charitable donation of $25 (for non-members) or $20 (for members) let you peek around the completely renovated 1865 mansion.
We received many emails about this earlier, but felt that posting this information to fans would probably make this the last time the house would be open to the public (it's not the first time, see halfway down the page) - despite the undoubtable increase in contributions to the PRC. For the most part, this is a page about Nine Inch Nails, not Trent Reznor, if that makes any sense.
Wednesday, 12/10/03

Reznor Approaching The Firm for Management?

Actually, no. Firstly, heavy music news page has reported the following:
    NINE INCH NAILS mastermind Trent Reznor is in negotiations with The Firm (KORN, LIMP BIZKIT) for management, according to Hits Daily Double. Reznor has been represented by Conservative Management's John A. Malm.
While we've heard that it is true that Reznor has split with John Malm, there have been no negotiations with any management firms - including The Firm. This is not bad news. Wait and see.
Monday, 12/08/03

New Tweaker split 7" in January '04

Waxploitation has informally announced that a new limited edition split 7" vinyl from Chris Vrenna a.k.a. Tweaker is on it's way to production soon, with a test pressing coming next week, and artwork is already being printed. The run of 500 will all be signed by Vrenna, and will feature a single song on each side, not unlike the Alice/Matrix split 7".
Side a is the theme to Xiaolin Showdown, extended for this release.
Side b is an instrumental version of the new Tweaker track, Ruby. You can download a minute long teaser of this track from at this location. The full album version will feature Will Oldham on vocals.
Keep an eye out for this release sometime in January. We'll let you know when it's available to order.
Monday, 12/08/03

Other site updates...

If you hadn't been keeping tabs, the new Sick Among the Pure has released it's December issue, with quite a lot of new input and fresh writing from regulars and new contributors. This issue includes a run-down of the broken era of nine inch nails, some positing on the goods and bads of file sharing, among other contributions. Go check it out.
While you're killing time, don't forget that The NIN Historian has been keeping his site very up to date, and there's a whole metric crapload of cool oldschool and more recent NIN tour-related information and scans there. Just this past month, he completed the online collection of Fragility Tour Itineraries, with the addition of the itinerary for the Australia/Japan leg of the tour. Keep in mind, there's always more to be put online, and if you have something he doesn't, you ought to let him know.
We discovered a nice French page on NIN & Manson at, a site which seems to combine the aspects of a news page with an online community, a la plastic. If it were in English, they'd make for good friendly competition ;)
Speaking of, I nicked this information from Digital Noise, who don't necessarily keep their front page up to date all the time, but keep turning up interesting things in their forums: there's a new band called Error, featuring Brett Gurewitz (guitarist for Bad Religion), Greg Puciato (recent vocalist for The Dillenger Escape Plan), Leopold Ross, and Nothing Records' most recent convertee, Atticus Ross. Their first release is due out on Epitaph records in 2004, and here's the track listing:
    1. Nothing's Working
    2. Homicide
    3. Burn In Hell
    4. Jack The Ripper
    5. Brains Out

...that is, as long as this album avoids whatever perpatual-delay curse has haunted Atticus' other projects such as TapeWorm, 12 Rounds, Zach de la Rocha and Nine Inch Nails. Nonetheless, it looks to be a real good group of talented people, and worth keeping an eye out for when it comes out on January 20, 2004.
And finally, to wrap up this update, if you're a fan of Charlie Clouser, you ought to check out this website, which manages to goof on Charlie while also informing you of what's up with everyone's favorite former NIN keyboardist.

Some info about the new AP picture

We got word that the new photograph in Alternative Press this month was taken by one Myriam Santos-Kayda. Myriam has shot Trent before for Alternative Press, when they presented an article on his being the favorite artist among their readers. She has quite a prolific portfolio posted online, why not go check it out?
And as so many were wondering - who's the other person in that picture? None other than Derek Donovan, from Love Among Puppets. We've actually mentioned him before on the Hotline, as he's written glowing reviews of The Fragile and Kemper Arena stop of Fragilty 2.0 for the Kansas City Star. If you get a chance, swing by and check out his tunes.
One other note about that picture: You may have noticed that if you'd posted a direct link to our hosted copy of that photo on your livejournal or as your message board avatar or signature or whatever, that the picture had changed after a day or two... when you post an image in-line on another high-traffic site, you're giving this server just that much more traffic. A little here, a little there, and we go over our limits and the throttle comes on (ever see the service not available screen here?)
Last month we did 35 gigabytes of bandwidth. If you know anything about web hosting costs, that's a hell of a lot of traffic, especially since we don't really host any large-size files here. I'm trying to cut down on that without limiting content here, and one way you can help is to host images yourself if you're going to use them in a messageboard or livejournal environment. It'll help prolong the existence of this advertising-and-hassle-free-website. Thanks!
Thursday, 12/04/03

Unconfirmed Vague Rumours

Apparently, a radio station and a nationwide record store both believe that Bleedthrough is going to come out sometime this spring. Here are two emails we got from unconfirmed sources.
...94.5 FM that I get here in Hermiston, Oregon. The two DJ's played a double shot of Nine Inch Nails and afterwards said that "Bleedthrough" will come out in February. (Thanks Sam)
a friend of mine works at F.Y.E. and he says the new NIN album is showing up in their computer w/ a release date of march... (Thanks Calx)
As far as anyone knows right now, these could both be bullshit, but it does keep in line with the information out of the AP article. Don't take this news too seriously