When Nine Inch Nails goes on tour, there is a lot of information that must be coordinated and each member of the band and crew must know relevant information for each stop on the tour. Items such as the Travel Times to each stop, Hours of Hotel Operation, The Producer of the shows information, Contact phone numbers, Venue information, Load-in Schedules, Performance times etc. are all kept in an Itinerary that are passed out to the Band members and the Travelling Crew.

Only the Covers of Itineraries have been scanned. It is really all anyone needs to see. It is not my place nor intention to allow anyone to know any confidential information contained within them. The bands are made up of human beings who appreciate their privacy. The only reason they are obtained is for documentation of dates!

Support on the Jesus and Mary Chain Automatic Tour 1990:

NIN Itinerary January-March 1990* Note from Ben Lurie of JAMC*

Headlining The "Sin" Tour 1990-1991:

NIN Itinerary 12/27/90 - 2/6/91*

Lollapalooza Tour 1991:

NIN Itinerary 7/14/91-8/30/91*

Self Destruct Tour 1994-1995:

NIN Itinerary 4/15/94-5/16/94* NIN Itinerary 5/18/94-6/14/94* NIN Itinerary 7/29/94-8/14/94*

NIN Itinerary 8/27/94-9/24/94* NIN Itinerary 9/24/94-10/20/94*

NIN Itinerary 10/26/94-11/21/94* NIN Itinerary 11/21/94-12/28/94*

NIN Itinerary 12/29/94-1/25/95* NIN Itinerary 1/26/95-2/18/95* NIN Itinerary 4/13/95-4/16/95*

Outside Tour (w/Bowie) 1995:

NIN Itinerary 9/11/95-10/29/95 Handed out by NIN Management* NIN Itinerary 9/11/95-10/25/95 Handed out by Bowie Management*

Club Tour (w/Helmet) 1995:

NIN Itinerary 11/4/95-11/14/95*

Fragility Tour 1999-2000:

NIN Itinerary 11/14/99-12/1/99* NIN Itinerary 1/10/00 - 2/6/00*

NIN Itinerary 3/22/00-5/25/00* NIN Itinerary 5/26/00-6/19/00* NIN Itinerary 6/20/00-7/10/00*

With Teeth Tour 2005-2006:

NIN Itinerary 3/23/05-6/3/05* NIN Itinerary 4/26/05-6/3/05 Revised*

NIN Itinerary 6/8/05-7/15/05* NIN Itinerary 6/8/05-7/15/05 Pocket Itinerary*

NIN Itinerary 9/15/05 - 11/20/05* NIN Itinerary 2/9/06-4/2/06* NIN Itinerary 5/25/06 - 7/9/06*

Performance 2007:

NIN Itinerary 7/28/07-9/19/07 Itinerary*  NIN Itinerary 2/7/07-4/11/07 Pocket Itinerary*

Lights In The Sky 2008:

NIN LITS Itinerary 2/23/08-9/6/08 Itinerary*  NIN LITS Itinerary 10/16/08-12/14/08 Itinerary*