Tuesday December 16, 2003

ERROR song available for download.

Error, a new band featuring Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Greg Puciato(Dillenger Escape Plan), Leopold Ross and NIN/Nothing programmer Atticus Ross have posted a free MP3 download on their Epitaph Records website. Entitled "Nothing's Working," a 2:38 track that introduces their debut EP, due early 2004.

Glitchy, distorted, synthetic, loud and fast, it's not really your typical Epitaph Records release. The website says, press-release style, "If punk is change then Error is the future." One lost reviewer on the website quipped "i want some drums, maybe guitar, or bass. i dont want this techno shit. what is happening to punk?" That should give you an idea of what you're downloading. I say check it out, it's definitely a CD I'll be picking up in February.

Along with the MP3 for "Nothing's Working," the site now has a full bio for the band, interesting reading about how it all came together. While Greg Puciato did the vocals for the EP, they are looking for someone to do full-time vocal duty on the full-length album, which Atticus and Leopold are working on in between finishing up the Nine Inch Nails album.

Who knows, perhaps they'll be done in time for NIN to tour. I know that personally, this band has very quickly joined the top of my list of bands to watch out for.