Monday December 8, 2003

Some info about the new AP picture

We got word that the new photograph in Alternative Press this month was taken by one Myriam Santos-Kayda. Myriam has shot Trent before for Alternative Press, when they presented an article on his being the favorite artist among their readers. She has quite a prolific portfolio posted online, why not go check it out?

And as so many were wondering - who's the other person in that picture? None other than Derek Donovan, from Love Among Puppets. We've actually mentioned him before on the Hotline, as he's written glowing reviews of The Fragile and Kemper Arena stop of Fragilty 2.0 for the Kansas City Star. If you get a chance, swing by loveamongpuppets.com and check out his tunes.

One other note about that picture: You may have noticed that if you'd posted a direct link to our hosted copy of that photo on your livejournal or as your message board avatar or signature or whatever, that the picture had changed after a day or two... when you post an image in-line on another high-traffic site, you're giving this server just that much more traffic. A little here, a little there, and we go over our limits and the throttle comes on (ever see the service not available screen here?)

Last month we did 35 gigabytes of bandwidth. If you know anything about web hosting costs, that's a hell of a lot of traffic, especially since we don't really host any large-size files here. I'm trying to cut down on that without limiting content here, and one way you can help is to host images yourself if you're going to use them in a messageboard or livejournal environment. It'll help prolong the existence of this advertising-and-hassle-free-website. Thanks!