Monday December 8, 2003

Other site updates...

If you hadn't been keeping tabs, the new Sick Among the Pure has released it's December issue, with quite a lot of new input and fresh writing from regulars and new contributors. This issue includes a run-down of the broken era of nine inch nails, some positing on the goods and bads of file sharing, among other contributions. Go check it out.

While you're killing time, don't forget that The NIN Historian has been keeping his site very up to date, and there's a whole metric crapload of cool oldschool and more recent NIN tour-related information and scans there. Just this past month, he completed the online collection of Fragility Tour Itineraries, with the addition of the itinerary for the Australia/Japan leg of the tour. Keep in mind, there's always more to be put online, and if you have something he doesn't, you ought to let him know.

We discovered a nice French page on NIN & Manson at awarmplace.net, a site which seems to combine the aspects of a news page with an online community, a la plastic. If it were in English, they'd make for good friendly competition ;)

Speaking of, I nicked this information from Digital Noise, who don't necessarily keep their front page up to date all the time, but keep turning up interesting things in their forums: there's a new band called Error, featuring Brett Gurewitz (guitarist for Bad Religion), Greg Puciato (recent vocalist for The Dillenger Escape Plan), Leopold Ross, and Nothing Records' most recent convertee, Atticus Ross. Their first release is due out on Epitaph records in 2004, and here's the track listing:

    1. Nothing's Working
    2. Homicide
    3. Burn In Hell
    4. Jack The Ripper
    5. Brains Out

...that is, as long as this album avoids whatever perpatual-delay curse has haunted Atticus' other projects such as TapeWorm, 12 Rounds, Zach de la Rocha and Nine Inch Nails. Nonetheless, it looks to be a real good group of talented people, and worth keeping an eye out for when it comes out on January 20, 2004.

And finally, to wrap up this update, if you're a fan of Charlie Clouser, you ought to check out this website, which manages to goof on Charlie while also informing you of what's up with everyone's favorite former NIN keyboardist.