Monday December 15, 2003

Holiday tour of Reznor's historic Garden District home

This past weekend, if you were a member of the New Orleans Preservation Resource Center, you got word that the 29th Annual Holiday Home tour was on again this year. Some picked up that a 'local artist' (who had wished to remain anonymous) would be opening his home to this public tour. A charitable donation of $25 (for non-members) or $20 (for members) let you peek around the completely renovated 1865 mansion.

We received many emails about this earlier, but felt that posting this information to fans would probably make this the last time the house would be open to the public (it's not the first time, see halfway down the page) - despite the undoubtable increase in contributions to the PRC. For the most part, this is a page about Nine Inch Nails, not Trent Reznor, if that makes any sense.