Friday, 10/31/03

More on Danny's projects

So what else has Danny Lohner been doing? Apparently, he has produced a song for Milla Jovovich that was performed at the Prince's Trust Concert- Fashion Rocks. The song was created over the course of 2 days while she was filming "Resident Evil 2". Although Danny usually works with his good friend Josh Freese, Josh wasn't available so he was given the opportunity to work with one of his favorite 'new drummers'.(Chad from The Used is featured on drums.) They have also recently been working on songs for Milla's follow-up to 1994's 'The Divine Comedy'. Which, according to Lohner, " an unbelievably underated album and a must have for fans of Kate Bush, Bjork and Tori Amos." To view a link of the performance at the Prince's Trust Concert- go here.

TentativeTweaker Track Titles

...from the new album, 2am Wake-Up Call.
"lucky numbers"
"worse than yesterday"
"the tall grass"
"truth it"
"cookies and milk"
"2am wakeup call"
"movement of fear"
"the promise"
"the house i grew up in"
"crude sunlight"
Wednesday, 10/29/03

Big Fat Metal Hammer NIN-camp update

UK Magazine Metal Hammer interviewed Danny Lohner, who's still on his talkative streak. What follows is the article, as graciously typed up by Richard Payne (who should really be working on his thesis right now instead):
"Nine Inch Nails man Danny Lohner has revealed his aim to continue persuing film projects, following his star studded soundtrack for recently released Brit vampire flick Underworld. Having had recent music meetings with the makers of next year's hot movie ticket Hellboy, Lohner hopes ultimately to be able to actually score, not just soundtrack, a movie a la Marilyn Manson's Resident Evil work.
Also simmering away are Lohner's supergroup collaborations, The Damning Well and Tapeworm, which may soon come into full fruition despite legal and time constraints. In the meantime the bassist/guitarist/programmer is back in the NIN fold, working on the bands imminent follow-up to 1999's masterpiece "The Fragile".

Lohner's long running side project has undergone a complete metamorphosis after he discarded all the old material and replaced it with a more focussed sound as well as the four key members. The band is now made up of Lohner, NIN mainman Trent Reznor, Tool's Maynard James Keenan and ex-12 Rounds drummer Atticus Ross. The group was originally set to mix an album last Christmas, however legal disputes over Reznor and Keenan being signed to different labels have once again put the project on hold. At least, until after Lohner has completed his current NIN duties.
"I've gotta get back with Trent and figure out when we can actually do it" Lohner explains. "We have very little work to do to finish it"
Although he reckons "musically it's hard to describe", Lohner says Tapeworm is "fairly well rounded with lots of different instrumentation - the things you've come to expect from the NIN camp but not strictly a guitar tock thing. With Maynard and Trent working together on the vocals there's been a lot of attention given to having hooky, anthemic choruses"
The Damning Well
This supergroup consists of Lohner, former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, super-drummer Josh Freese and Filter vocalist Richard Patrick, and even though the band was formed specifically for the Underworld soundtrack they've continued to write material. With around 14 songs now completed "just for fun" the trio are hoping to eventually take time away from their permanent commitments to release an album.
"If we did put a record out, and it's fairly likely that we will, we'll definately tour on it" Lohner asserts "The sound is very agressive but not relying on nu-metal formulas. It takes some of my Nine Inch Nails influences and applies them to what Richard and Wes do".

Nine Inch Nails
With the eagerly awaited new album in full swing, Lohner says its likely to be completed by the end of the year, followed by a NIN world tour shortly after. Whetting fans' appitites he says "The new material is much more stripped down and raw than "The Fragile". It's like the antithesis of the last record, it's much more immediate, direct and agressive."
Well there you go. Danny Lohner walks into a bar, saying the new Nine Inch Nails album will be done at the end of the year, they'll tour the world soon afterwards, playing brutal stripped down music. Stop me if you've heard this one...
Monday, 10/27/03

New Amazon feature worth noting, plus more...

It's not necessarily NIN related, but it is if you're the kind of person who'd search Amazon for "Trent Reznor." See, for now, you can search the text of over 120,000 books at - it's actually really, really cool, as Amazon has scanned in the entire texts of these books. Mind you, you can only view five pages at a time, but that's enough to get the idea. It's a great way to kill time by finding obscure books & interviews. (It's also a thinly disguised method of putting my Amazon associate link on the front page of the NIN Hotline while there is no NIN news.)
And while we're on the topic of searching for Trent Reznor,'s regular pro audio and NIN writer/editor Steph Jorgl attests that during the four years she was on the web team, the terms "Trent" and "Reznor" were consistently in the top 10 search terms bringing people into the news area of the Apple site. It's worth noting that Jorgl was in New Orleans in July, and is working on an upcoming story about Nine Inch Nails. For more information, keep an eye on her news page.
Wednesday, 10/22/03

Blur of Serenity: Forum for Recovering NIN Fans

If you are getting restless because you really don't have much to talk about (regarding Nine Inch Nails), a new forum has opened up that may be right up your alley. Loosely organized by people from various Nine Inch Nails communities, Blur of Serenity is a pretty cool place to go blather on about whatever suits your fancy, with other NIN fans. Like any community, it only gets interesting when more people show up, and will suck when too many people arrive, so get in now while the getting's good.
Tuesday, 10/21/03

Here we go again!

Let's give it another shot. I don't even remember what place we made in the past two years, but it was in the top fifty, and then the top thirty, if I recall correctly.
Consider what the collective NIN Hotline has to offer: Stupidly up-to-date news (...when there is any...), every Meathead Perspective, EVAR, a fat load of NIN Live Memorabilia scans, more archived articles than there are weeks in a dozen years, exclusive interviews with band members (and related people) -- using your questions... contests, weird old pictures, and Paul LaBarbera. So yeah, take a minute out and vote for us
Wednesday, 10/15/03

Because I like telling you go to somewhere else.

Being that not much else is going on right now, I felt compelled to inform you that I updated our links page, weeding out the dead sites and replacing them. Not necessarily with NIN sites, but with a couple of semi-related music news pages, like Blabbermouth and Pitchfork.
In other 'news' we've been told that Sick Among The Pure is now at rather than "not dead yet..." Hopefully one of them will post something worth reading, because there's really nothing to talk about.
By the way, someone broke into my PayPal account and tried to get a laptop and a Playstation 2 shipped to Christopher John Santos, Lot 1-I Aldrin St., Moonwalk Village, in Paranaque -- that's in the Philippines. If you know any thugs in the Philippines, that'd be fantastic, because it's a real pain in the ass having two and a half grand disappear on you overnight. I'm getting the money back, but that doesn't do much about the inconvenience in the meantime.
P.S. apparently his phone number is 0916-2458276.
Thursday, 10/09/03

Vrenna news

From press release:
(October 9th, 2003 - Los Angeles) Grammy Award winning artist, record producer and music composer Chris Vrenna (AKA Tweaker), formerly of the legendary band Nine Inch Nails, will compose and produce the main title song for Warner Bros. Animation's new television series "Xiaolin Showdown." The half-hour, action-comedy-adventure series will debut November 2003 on Kids' WB!, the #1 broadcast network for kids.
Thursday, 10/02/03

Reznor quote in Rolling Stone

Reznor quoted in the Oct. 16 Rolling Stone article
paying tribute to Johnny Cash:
It is precisely that translation [of "Hurt"] that initially unnerved the song's author, Trent Reznor. "My songs have been a vehicle for me to keep sane," he says. "And that song in particular came from a private, personal place. I thought, 'Here's this thing I wrote in my bedroom in a moment of frailty, and now Johnny Cash is singing it.' It seemed incredibly strange and wrong to hear that voice with my song. It kind of freaked me out. But when I saw the video, it took my breath away. It was heartbreaking. My throat had a lump in it, and I had goose bumps, which I have right now thinking about it. At that point, it became inspiring to me. I've been so proud of what they've done with it."
Thanks to Emily.
Wednesday, 10/01/03

Danny Again

Danny Lohner has been talking about the new Nine Inch Nails album again:
"He is so far along, and I've been gone, so I'm actually gonna miss most of the album. But he's almost done -- I don't know if I'd say he's almost done with it, because I haven't actually been down there recently, but I know it's moving along very well and it'll be on its way soon."
Nothing that we haven't heard before, really, but what can you do. Thanks Fieldy616.

Win an autographed copy of the Alice/Matrix 7" free!

We got an email from the folks at
"XGR and Waxploitation Records are proud to announce the 'Alice/Enter The Matrix 7" Vinyl Split Contest'. Two lucky winners will receive an autographed copy of the recently release vinyl split which features two compositions by artist Chris Vrenna. The vinyl has been autographed by both Vrenna and Alice video game creator American McGee. The Grand Prize will also feature various other prizes from Waxpolitation and XGR. Those prizes will be announced at a later date."
You can enter the contest at this page, which is apparently wildly popular because I'm having trouble connecting to it at the moment ;)

Listen to the entire Underworld Soundtrack online

Roadrunner Records UK have been granted license to distribute the Underworld Soundtrack, and have posted this Flash 6 site that allows you to stream the entire soundtrack online. It's not quite as smooth as Lakeshore Records' official soundtrack website, but if you haven't heard the soundtrack yet, give it a spin.

Vrenna now scoring Doom 3?

ROBOT FRANK sent in word of something interesting in Game Informer Magazine, particularly in their "Loose Lips" section:
"...Whats that sound? Whatever it is, it isn't Trent Reznor doing the Doom 3 soundtrack. Loose Talk has heard that the Nine Inch Nails singer is no longer composing music for the project. Interestingly, ex-Nine Inch Nails memeber (and American McGee's Alice composer) Chris Vrenna will now be handling the project."
There is no official comment from the Tweaker camp, but definitely makes for good news on the Doom 3 front. Speaking of Chris Vrenna and soundtracks, the limited edition signed 7" Alice/Matrix vinyl is still available for a limited time.
500 numbered copies - signed by Chris Vrenna and American McGee - have been pressed on blue vinyl. Side A features a remix of "Wonderland Woods" from the score to the cult classic American McGee's Alice. Side B consists of the original song "Take The Pill" from the blockbuster Enter The Matrix, produced and composed by Vrenna.