Wednesday October 1, 2003

Vrenna now scoring Doom 3?

ROBOT FRANK sent in word of something interesting in Game Informer Magazine, particularly in their "Loose Lips" section:

"...Whats that sound? Whatever it is, it isn't Trent Reznor doing the Doom 3 soundtrack. Loose Talk has heard that the Nine Inch Nails singer is no longer composing music for the project. Interestingly, ex-Nine Inch Nails memeber (and American McGee's Alice composer) Chris Vrenna will now be handling the project."

There is no official comment from the Tweaker camp, but definitely makes for good news on the Doom 3 front. Speaking of Chris Vrenna and soundtracks, the limited edition signed 7" Alice/Matrix vinyl is still available for a limited time.

500 numbered copies - signed by Chris Vrenna and American McGee - have been pressed on blue vinyl. Side A features a remix of Wonderland Woods from the score to the cult classic American McGees Alice. Side B consists of the original song Take The Pill from the blockbuster Enter The Matrix, produced and composed by Vrenna.