Wednesday October 29, 2003

Big Fat Metal Hammer NIN-camp update

UK Magazine Metal Hammer interviewed Danny Lohner, who's still on his talkative streak. What follows is the article, as graciously typed up by Richard Payne (who should really be working on his thesis right now instead):

"Nine Inch Nails man Danny Lohner has revealed his aim to continue persuing film projects, following his star studded soundtrack for recently released Brit vampire flick Underworld. Having had recent music meetings with the makers of next year's hot movie ticket Hellboy, Lohner hopes ultimately to be able to actually score, not just soundtrack, a movie a la Marilyn Manson's Resident Evil work.
Also simmering away are Lohner's supergroup collaborations, The Damning Well and Tapeworm, which may soon come into full fruition despite legal and time constraints. In the meantime the bassist/guitarist/programmer is back in the NIN fold, working on the bands imminent follow-up to 1999's masterpiece "The Fragile".

Lohner's long running side project has undergone a complete metamorphosis after he discarded all the old material and replaced it with a more focussed sound as well as the four key members. The band is now made up of Lohner, NIN mainman Trent Reznor, Tool's Maynard James Keenan and ex-12 Rounds drummer Atticus Ross. The group was originally set to mix an album last Christmas, however legal disputes over Reznor and Keenan being signed to different labels have once again put the project on hold. At least, until after Lohner has completed his current NIN duties.

"I've gotta get back with Trent and figure out when we can actually do it" Lohner explains. "We have very little work to do to finish it"

Although he reckons "musically it's hard to describe", Lohner says Tapeworm is "fairly well rounded with lots of different instrumentation - the things you've come to expect from the NIN camp but not strictly a guitar tock thing. With Maynard and Trent working together on the vocals there's been a lot of attention given to having hooky, anthemic choruses"

The Damning Well
This supergroup consists of Lohner, former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, super-drummer Josh Freese and Filter vocalist Richard Patrick, and even though the band was formed specifically for the Underworld soundtrack they've continued to write material. With around 14 songs now completed "just for fun" the trio are hoping to eventually take time away from their permanent commitments to release an album.
"If we did put a record out, and it's fairly likely that we will, we'll definately tour on it" Lohner asserts "The sound is very agressive but not relying on nu-metal formulas. It takes some of my Nine Inch Nails influences and applies them to what Richard and Wes do".

Nine Inch Nails
With the eagerly awaited new album in full swing, Lohner says its likely to be completed by the end of the year, followed by a NIN world tour shortly after. Whetting fans' appitites he says "The new material is much more stripped down and raw than "The Fragile". It's like the antithesis of the last record, it's much more immediate, direct and agressive."

Well there you go. Danny Lohner walks into a bar, saying the new Nine Inch Nails album will be done at the end of the year, they'll tour the world soon afterwards, playing brutal stripped down music. Stop me if you've heard this one...