Friday October 31, 2003

More on Danny's projects

So what else has Danny Lohner been doing? Apparently, he has produced a song for Milla Jovovich that was performed at the Prince's Trust Concert- Fashion Rocks. The song was created over the course of 2 days while she was filming "Resident Evil 2". Although Danny usually works with his good friend Josh Freese, Josh wasn't available so he was given the opportunity to work with one of his favorite 'new drummers'.(Chad from The Used is featured on drums.) They have also recently been working on songs for Milla's follow-up to 1994's 'The Divine Comedy'. Which, according to Lohner, "...is an unbelievably underated album and a must have for fans of Kate Bush, Bjork and Tori Amos." To view a link of the performance at the Prince's Trust Concert- go here.