Wednesday October 15, 2003

Because I like telling you go to somewhere else.

Being that not much else is going on right now, I felt compelled to inform you that I updated our links page, weeding out the dead sites and replacing them. Not necessarily with NIN sites, but with a couple of semi-related music news pages, like Blabbermouth and Pitchfork.

In other 'news' we've been told that Sick Among The Pure is now at sickamongthepure.com rather than "not dead yet..." sickamongthepure.net. Hopefully one of them will post something worth reading, because there's really nothing to talk about.

By the way, someone broke into my PayPal account and tried to get a laptop and a Playstation 2 shipped to Christopher John Santos, Lot 1-I Aldrin St., Moonwalk Village, in Paranaque -- that's in the Philippines. If you know any thugs in the Philippines, that'd be fantastic, because it's a real pain in the ass having two and a half grand disappear on you overnight. I'm getting the money back, but that doesn't do much about the inconvenience in the meantime.

P.S. apparently his phone number is 0916-2458276.