Monday October 27, 2003

New Amazon feature worth noting, plus more...

It's not necessarily NIN related, but it is if you're the kind of person who'd search Amazon for "Trent Reznor." See, for now, you can search the text of over 120,000 books at Amazon.com - it's actually really, really cool, as Amazon has scanned in the entire texts of these books. Mind you, you can only view five pages at a time, but that's enough to get the idea. It's a great way to kill time by finding obscure books & interviews. (It's also a thinly disguised method of putting my Amazon associate link on the front page of the NIN Hotline while there is no NIN news.)

And while we're on the topic of searching for Trent Reznor, Apple.com's regular pro audio and NIN writer/editor Steph Jorgl attests that during the four years she was on the web team, the terms "Trent" and "Reznor" were consistently in the top 10 search terms bringing people into the news area of the Apple site. It's worth noting that Jorgl was in New Orleans in July, and is working on an upcoming story about Nine Inch Nails. For more information, keep an eye on her news page.