Wednesday, 8/30/06

We'll meat again

The Meathead Perspective has been updated again, and it's totally hilarious!

Edit: Josh Freese just emailed us to inform us that it's actually not all that good.
Monday, 8/28/06

Trent Reznor sued for illegally sampling "Taxi" theme song

Not that this is even remotely as exciting as the news that Josh Freese is simultaneously playing drums for every single band on earth, but I added a new section to the Meathead Perspective that I'll probably forget about in a week.
Sunday, 8/27/06

Next on Fox: When Josh Freese Attacks!

We've gotten word of several Josh Freese appearances. Chris Kniker wrote in to say that he just saw Freese drumming for Devo in Denver. And on ETS, Sitius reports a radio announcement that Freese will be drumming for the band Three Days Grace on their upcoming tour.

*Update* Josh Freese is seriously everywhere. After I posted this update, Callahan pointed us to the website for the band Fuel, which has pictures of Freese working on the band's new album. Fat Man Hackett cites Freese's wikipedia page for his involvement in the new album from a band called lostprophets. Finally, chris wants everyone to know that if you play around on Devo's website, you can do something funny with Josh Freese's head. Whatever.

**Update #2** We've been told that the radio report about Josh Freese drumming with a band called Three Days Grace is bullshit.**

Also, check this out.
Wednesday, 8/23/06

This update is perfectly legal: refer to Title 18 Section 1302 + 1342

Since news is slow, I thought I'd do a Meathead Perspective update to make things a little slower.
Tuesday, 8/22/06

Al Jourgensen on the Hulk

Just when Al Jourgensen thought it was safe to visit a GNC in the California area... some UK interviewer sets him up for pain about halfway through this boring interview!!! (WMV video link)

Interviewer: What was it like being friends with Trent Reznor? (Nine Inch Nails)
Al Jourgensen: Let me put it this way... Trent bought a house right above Tim's [Timothy Leary] house, literally you could see his house from 100 yards up. And I finally talked Tim into having Trent over for one of them dinners [Leary's dinner parties]. After about two hours, Tim took me aside and told me, he goes, "That's the most miserable, depressed human being I've ever met," and he didn't go back there after that.
Mike Scaccia: That's pretty crazy, because we were pretty miserable back then.
A: We were outgoing miserable...
M: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A: (makes wilting gesture) miserable angst, I mean, I'd love to see like Trent and Morrissey play Russian Roulette and see which one of them shoots themself first...
M: That would be awesome.
A: That'd be awesome.
I: It's a win-win situation.
A: Yeah, exactly. (laughter)

Brought to you by Shane B., Minstry's website and Metal Hammer TV.
Monday, 8/21/06

Numan Talks About Reznor

Botley posted a link on ETS to an interview with Gary Numan in support of his latest album, Jagged. In the interview, Numan discusses at some length his admiration for Trent Reznor.

I guess while I'm at it, I might as well mention that former NIN guitarist Robin Finck is supposedly going to appear on the popular TV show "Lost" this fall in a cameo appearance, according to this website. No word yet as to whether Charlie Clouser will be doing the score for the episode -- or selling tacos on the island. Thanks to Mafu for writing in with that.
Sunday, 8/13/06

Missed out on buying a poster from that one show you went to?

A bunch of people have informed us that various tour posters are now available for purchase on NIN's page. You can also find a lot of T-shirts and other tour merch at significantly lower prices than what they were being sold for at the shows.
Wednesday, 8/02/06

Click Here for a Large Penis

Tommy Lee and Nine Inch Nails make CNN via chopper fun.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.