Sunday August 27, 2006

Next on Fox: When Josh Freese Attacks!

We've gotten word of several Josh Freese appearances. Chris Kniker wrote in to say that he just saw Freese drumming for Devo in Denver. And on ETS, Sitius reports a radio announcement that Freese will be drumming for the band Three Days Grace on their upcoming tour.

*Update* Josh Freese is seriously everywhere. After I posted this update, Callahan pointed us to the website for the band Fuel, which has pictures of Freese working on the band's new album. Fat Man Hackett cites Freese's wikipedia page for his involvement in the new album from a band called lostprophets. Finally, chris wants everyone to know that if you play around on Devo's website, you can do something funny with Josh Freese's head. Whatever.

**Update #2** We've been told that the radio report about Josh Freese drumming with a band called Three Days Grace is bullshit.**

Also, check this out.