Tuesday August 22, 2006

Al Jourgensen on the Hulk

Just when Al Jourgensen thought it was safe to visit a GNC in the California area... some UK interviewer sets him up for pain about halfway through this boring interview!!! (WMV video link)

Interviewer: What was it like being friends with Trent Reznor? (Nine Inch Nails)
Al Jourgensen: Let me put it this way... Trent bought a house right above Tim's [Timothy Leary] house, literally you could see his house from 100 yards up. And I finally talked Tim into having Trent over for one of them dinners [Leary's dinner parties]. After about two hours, Tim took me aside and told me, he goes, "That's the most miserable, depressed human being I've ever met," and he didn't go back there after that.
Mike Scaccia: That's pretty crazy, because we were pretty miserable back then.
A: We were outgoing miserable...
M: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A: (makes wilting gesture) miserable angst, I mean, I'd love to see like Trent and Morrissey play Russian Roulette and see which one of them shoots themself first...
M: That would be awesome.
A: That'd be awesome.
I: It's a win-win situation.
A: Yeah, exactly. (laughter)

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