Saturday, 4/29/06

Jakalope Crossing

According to their myspace profile, Jakalope's got a new album, "Born4," coming out on May 30. Trent Reznor is credited as co-producer. Thanks to absolut_nothing for the info.
Tuesday, 4/25/06

Vrenna backs Gnarls Barkley at Coachella

When NIN news is slow, we can always count on Chris Vrenna to swing by with a brief distraction. Chris is going to join the backing band for Gnarls Barkley at Coachella this year, along with Beck's bassist Justin Meldel Johnsen & Holly Palmer on backing vox.

Gnarles Barkley is a collaboration between Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo Green, and the single off their first album was the first digital-only single to hit #1 in the UK charts. There are going to be a lot of good bands at Coachella (duh), but I recommend checking these guys out if you get the chance.

And now back to... well, nothing's going on right now. Don't forget to check out The Tool Hotline if you're bored.
Monday, 4/24/06

EDIETS Video Leaked

Fleischkopf wrote in to inform us that what appears to be a rough cut of the scrapped video for "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" has been leaked onto YouTube. Looks like another grip is about to be unemployed.

Check out the video here (while it's still up)
Tuesday, 4/18/06

Update from Japan on Closure DVD

Finally, some concrete information on what's going on with the Japanese DVD release of Closure. Wes E. wrote in with the following email he apparently received from Tower Records Japan concerning the status of his pre-order, which looks to have been cancelled or else indefinitely postponed:

Wes ******* way You to utilize @TOWER.JP thank you truly. Order number: 06B02231525968 standard product turn: UIBS-1025 artist: Nine Inch Nails title: Closure It is the above-mentioned commodity which this time has received order, but communication with the "sale postponement" was defeated from the manufacturer. In addition, because under present conditions future sale schedule has not decided, the above-mentioned commodity cancels at the time of the latest ordering. That no soldier/finishing acknowledgement, we ask. < To customer of @TOWER.JP register > When the order commodity becomes cancellation, the total amount/the quantity etc. which is indicated on the past record picture is renewed the occasion where this time the remaining commodity of order amount becomes dispatch. The claim and the like for the cancellation commodity altogether being not to be, please feel at rest. Above, about verification we ask may. * We transmit this mail from @TOWER.JP automatically. [ Help ] the unclear point the below-mentioned page verification. With @TOWER.JP as for customer of order this http: //! With SHOPPING as for customer of order this http: // [ Ahead inquiring ] mail: free dial: 0120-051096 Office Hours: Month - gold 10:00-22:00 earth 10:00-19:00 (Sunday holiday you go to bed)

I swear I did not make that up.

"Only" Video Nominated for MVPA Awards

The music video for Nine Inch Nails' single "Only," directed by David Fincher, has been nominated by the Music Video Production Association for awards in the Rock, Animated, Direction of a Male Artist, and Special Effects categories. You can read the entire nominee list here, and some more information about the MVPA here. Thanks to Steve for the info. The NIN Hotline does not currently plan to attend the MVPA award ceremony on NIN's behalf.
Monday, 4/17/06

New merch available on

Leviathant tells me there are some new NIN shirts available at He would've posted the update himself but -- in his own words -- he's a lazy jackass.
Saturday, 4/15/06

NIN Hotline Myspace Contests

Over the last few days, we've rolled out our first couple of contests on the NIN Hotline's myspace page: to show us your best NIN-inspired photo, and to make your own music video for Every Day Is Exactly The Same. You can find more information about rules, deadlines, and prizes on our profile. Typically the prizes will include a spot on our top 8/16/32/etc. list and - sometimes - NIN promotional material that we've got lying around.
Thursday, 4/13/06

EDIETS Video to Air TODAY on MTV!

Just kidding. Trent has confirmed on the Spiral messageboards that there will be no music video for Every Day is Exactly the Same.

EDIETS CD hits the charts. *update*

Since he put it all together so well, I'm basically going to copy and paste what 0818 posted on ETS:
Billboard obviously counted the EDIETS CD as a single, not an EP, and because of that, it debuts at #56 on the Hot 100 - second highest debut of the week... beaten out by the new Red Hot Chili Peppers at #24 (mainly due to downloads of "Dani California".)

The CD was also the best-selling single last week, debuting at #1 on the Hot 100 Singles chart at Billboard. On a related note, the recent re-release of the Head Like a Hole maxi-single is curently at #12 on that same chart. (Thanks to Brandon for the update)

On a related note, I'll put aside our no-rumors mandate because we haven't posted much of anything lately, but there have been some posts on various boards saying that the video for Every Day Is Exactly The Same got canned. Nothing official yet, just rumors.

There's also a photograph being passed around that is supposedly from the set of the video, but not being able to confirm the source, I'm going to spare some grip his job and not post it here.
Wednesday, 4/12/06

Keith Hillebrandt's "Flood" EP to benefit New Orleans Musicians

While messing around with our awesome new myspace profile, I noted the following bulletin from Keith Hillebrandt. (For those of you who are relatively recent fans, Keith Hillebrandt did sound design for NIN on the Fragile; you can read more about that on his myspace profile.) The EP's only $3.99 and in my opinion, having given it a spin just now, it's well worth it. So check it out and support a good cause:
Keith Hillebrandt Flood is a new 4 song, download only, EP, with all the proceeds going to the Tipitina's Artist Relief foundation. Through the 504 Musician Fund, all money goes to help musicians affected by Katrina and to help them bring back the soul of new Orleans.

Anyone who knows anything about me, knows of my love for the people and culture of New Orleans. The 6 years living there and working with nin were some of the best times of my life. I wrote these 4 tracks when I returned for the first time, after the storm, in January. They are my reflections of the despair and sorrow, hope and frustration that Id had since Katrina. The tracks are moody and disjointed, with a distant glimmer of hope.

The noticeable silence of the music of New Orleans led me to release these tracks to help the displaced and hurting musicians. Its also important for people to know that just because time has past, and Mardi Gras went down, New Orleans still needs help. For anyone who has ever enjoyed this town its up to you to not let others forget that the rebuilding has just begun.

Click here to listen to samples and buy the EP

Don't forget to check out the rest of the 504 Musician's Fund site, as they are also selling tshirts at the moment, and more items will be forthcoming. The site was put together/donated by halation studios, where Yves Boudreau ran off too after he had his way with
Sunday, 4/09/06

Official NIN Hotline Myspace profile

We at the NIN Hotline decided to give this "MySpace" thing a try, since it seems to be somewhat popular these days. The NIN Hotline has always been about riding the waves of the latest trends at the crest of their popularity.

Meathead will be updating this thing whenever there's something new and exciting to talk about. In the meantime, thanks for supporting the Hotline!

Our Myspace URL is, so join the club, add yourself to our friends list! Keep your eyes peeled for exclusives and giveaways, and a chance to win a date with Drunkpoet!
Friday, 4/07/06

Every Day is Not Exactly the Same in Japan

Word up to all my Japanese homies: the Every Day is Exactly the Same single will be released in Japan on May 24, 2006. Our good friend Commie from The Perfect Drug sent along a note that, in addition to the standard tracklisting seen on the American and UK releases, the Japanese single will contain two bonus tracks: The Hands That Feeds (Dub Instrumental Mix) and Love Is Not Enough (Live at Rehearsals). You can find more information here and here. Thanks also to Siva and Erik Pemberton.
Thursday, 4/06/06


In what may become a deadly face-off in the streets of Los Angeles, Alessandro Cortini's band, modwheelmood is also performing on April 27th. You can catch them at the Three of Clubs at 9PM.

nearLY perform live in Los Angeles this month

Jerome Dillon's project, nearLY, will be performing live in Los Angeles at the end of this month. The band is currently rehearsing and features Claudia Sarne (12 Rounds) and Ryan Waters (Sade). Other members include : Leopold Ross (Error), Mike Fonte (Big Milk), Vanessa Freebairn-Smith (Sonus Quartet) and Eva Gardner (The Mars Volta). The three shows are scheduled at various small clubs in and around Hollywood and are the first in support of nearLY's debut release, reminder.

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Acoustic Show @ Hotel Cafe, 10:30 PM
1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 461-2040
Buy tickets

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Molly Malone's, 10:30 PM
575 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 935-1577
Buy Tickets

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Spaceland, 11 PM
1717 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 661-4380
Buy Tickets

Don't forget, a maxi-single for straight to nowhere has since been released, and includes alternate versions and non-album tracks from reminder
Wednesday, 4/05/06

Sign On San Diego covers Vegas NIN show

Jennifer Croshaw from let us know that they did a big old review of the final NIN show of their US secondary markets tour, and that you can find several dozen photos from the show online as well.

Thanks for the heads up, Jen!

UK EDIETS digital release

An email just arrived in my inbox to let us know that the new NIN single is in fact being released in the UK - but only online. Bearing in mind that the current #1 single in the charts is based on download figures only (it has yet to be released as a CD), and there's a strict limit on the length of UK singles, this makes sense.

So if you're in the UK and you're interested in any of the additional songs available as b-sides or you just want to see how far EDIETS can crawl up the UK charts, you can purchase it directly from the Island Records shop for 99p (which is infinitely cheaper that buying it from your local HMV). If you want the import hard copy, you can always grab it from Amazon.

Now all we need is a video.
Tuesday, 4/04/06

Every Day is Exactly the Same EP released

If you pre-ordered your copy of Every Day Is Exactly the Same, your copy should be arriving soon, if it's not already in your mailbox. If you're the immediate gratification type, you should be able to drive to your local (North American) music retailer and pick up a copy. The CD features a number of remixes that, while available overseas or on promotional releases, have otherwise not been domestically available. And it's only $6.99 at the moment, so it's a fairly good deal.


Best Buy is selling the EP for $4.99 a pop. Jake writes in to mention that "all [Best Buys] got in at least 20 copies because Interscope bought NEW RELEASE endcap space for it. According to the sticker they're marketing it as the With Teeth Remix EP" a la Further Down the Spiral and Things Falling Apart.

Now all we need is a video.
Friday, 3/31/06

NIN Hotline accepts award on behalf of NIN

the nin hotline at the rms music society awards
Last weekend, Nine Inch Nails was awarded the prestigious RMS Music Society Award for Album of the Year. Since Trent Reznor and crew were in Louisiana that night, a few of us went on behalf of the band.

Drunkpoet had been out drinking booze until 5am that morning, I'd been out drinking Mt Dew until 3am, Tony had been working at the paper until 4am, and Meathead never really sleeps, but we still decided to get up at the ass-crack of dawn and meet in Philadelphia before making our way to Sicklerville, NJ, where the awards were held. After hitting a Korean BBQ and walking around a wet South Street for a while, we barely found our way to the place, and met up with the elusive Walter.

Richard Sarkisian, head of the RMS Music Society, greeted us with freshly opened French champagne, and food was already laid out. Drinking, eating of chocolate crepes, and photographs ensue. Despite the copious quantities of drinks provided, meathead started dipping into his own stash about halfway through the listening portion of the show.

Afterwards, attendees reviewed the songs they heard and shared their opinions -- despite the wide range of music and the variety of listeners, a great majority agreed that the tracks played from With Teeth were the best of the lot.

Since Trent could not be there, he sent a letter to Meathead to read to the crowd on his behalf. Cue the hot multimedia action...

Thanks to glorious YouTube, we can share some of this experience with you. Watch the introduction, and the speech about With Teeth here:

...and be sure to follow-up with meathead reading a letter on Trent Reznor's behalf, and performing a song on Trent Reznor's behalf.