Thursday April 13, 2006

EDIETS CD hits the charts. *update*

Since he put it all together so well, I'm basically going to copy and paste what 0818 posted on ETS:
Billboard obviously counted the EDIETS CD as a single, not an EP, and because of that, it debuts at #56 on the Hot 100 - second highest debut of the week... beaten out by the new Red Hot Chili Peppers at #24 (mainly due to downloads of "Dani California".)

The CD was also the best-selling single last week, debuting at #1 on the Hot 100 Singles chart at Billboard. On a related note, the recent re-release of the Head Like a Hole maxi-single is curently at #12 on that same chart. (Thanks to Brandon for the update)

On a related note, I'll put aside our no-rumors mandate because we haven't posted much of anything lately, but there have been some posts on various boards saying that the video for Every Day Is Exactly The Same got canned. Nothing official yet, just rumors.

There's also a photograph being passed around that is supposedly from the set of the video, but not being able to confirm the source, I'm going to spare some grip his job and not post it here.