Wednesday April 12, 2006

Keith Hillebrandt's "Flood" EP to benefit New Orleans Musicians

While messing around with our awesome new myspace profile, I noted the following bulletin from Keith Hillebrandt. (For those of you who are relatively recent fans, Keith Hillebrandt did sound design for NIN on the Fragile; you can read more about that on his myspace profile.) The EP's only $3.99 and in my opinion, having given it a spin just now, it's well worth it. So check it out and support a good cause:
Keith Hillebrandt Flood is a new 4 song, download only, EP, with all the proceeds going to the Tipitina's Artist Relief foundation. Through the 504 Musician Fund, all money goes to help musicians affected by Katrina and to help them bring back the soul of new Orleans.

Anyone who knows anything about me, knows of my love for the people and culture of New Orleans. The 6 years living there and working with nin were some of the best times of my life. I wrote these 4 tracks when I returned for the first time, after the storm, in January. They are my reflections of the despair and sorrow, hope and frustration that Id had since Katrina. The tracks are moody and disjointed, with a distant glimmer of hope.

The noticeable silence of the music of New Orleans led me to release these tracks to help the displaced and hurting musicians. Its also important for people to know that just because time has past, and Mardi Gras went down, New Orleans still needs help. For anyone who has ever enjoyed this town its up to you to not let others forget that the rebuilding has just begun.

Click here to listen to samples and buy the EP

Don't forget to check out the rest of the 504 Musician's Fund site, as they are also selling tshirts at the moment, and more items will be forthcoming. The site was put together/donated by halation studios, where Yves Boudreau ran off too after he had his way with thefragile.com.