Tuesday April 4, 2006

Every Day is Exactly the Same EP released

If you pre-ordered your copy of Every Day Is Exactly the Same, your copy should be arriving soon, if it's not already in your mailbox. If you're the immediate gratification type, you should be able to drive to your local (North American) music retailer and pick up a copy. The CD features a number of remixes that, while available overseas or on promotional releases, have otherwise not been domestically available. And it's only $6.99 at the moment, so it's a fairly good deal.


Best Buy is selling the EP for $4.99 a pop. Jake writes in to mention that "all [Best Buys] got in at least 20 copies because Interscope bought NEW RELEASE endcap space for it. According to the sticker they're marketing it as the With Teeth Remix EP" a la Further Down the Spiral and Things Falling Apart.

Now all we need is a video.