Tuesday April 18, 2006

Update from Japan on Closure DVD

Finally, some concrete information on what's going on with the Japanese DVD release of Closure. Wes E. wrote in with the following email he apparently received from Tower Records Japan concerning the status of his pre-order, which looks to have been cancelled or else indefinitely postponed:

Wes ******* way You to utilize @TOWER.JP thank you truly. Order number: 06B02231525968 standard product turn: UIBS-1025 artist: Nine Inch Nails title: Closure It is the above-mentioned commodity which this time has received order, but communication with the "sale postponement" was defeated from the manufacturer. In addition, because under present conditions future sale schedule has not decided, the above-mentioned commodity cancels at the time of the latest ordering. That no soldier/finishing acknowledgement, we ask. < To customer of @TOWER.JP register > When the order commodity becomes cancellation, the total amount/the quantity etc. which is indicated on the past record picture is renewed the occasion where this time the remaining commodity of order amount becomes dispatch. The claim and the like for the cancellation commodity altogether being not to be, please feel at rest. Above, about verification we ask may. * We transmit this mail from @TOWER.JP automatically. [ Help ] the unclear point the below-mentioned page verification. With @TOWER.JP as for customer of order this http: //www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/CSfHelpMain.jspYahoo! With SHOPPING as for customer of order this http: //store.yahoo.co.jp/towerjp/info.html [ Ahead inquiring ] mail: Support@towerrecords.co.jp free dial: 0120-051096 Office Hours: Month - gold 10:00-22:00 earth 10:00-19:00 (Sunday holiday you go to bed)

I swear I did not make that up.