Monday, 1/31/05

The Hand that Feeds - March 21st

Shoutweb is reporting that the first single off With Teeth is impacting radio stations March 21st. Many thanks to Frank for sending that in. update mirrors Coachella confirmation

A nice final confirmation has been posted in the performance section on It also says tickets go on sale February Fifth.
Sunday, 1/30/05

LA Times confirms Coachella rumor

Subscribing members of LA Times' online version got news that Nine Inch Nails is playing Coachella on May 1st.
Coldplay, the most heralded arena-level band from Britain since Radiohead, will headline the opening-day program, which also includes Wilco, Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, the Chemical Brothers, Snow Patrol, Rilo Kiley, Sage Francis, Mercury Rev, Bloc Party and the Kills on various stages over nearly 12 hours.
The second-day lineup is even more enticing - headed by the return to action of Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails, which stood alongside Nirvana as one of the most captivating groups in '90s rock.
The appearances by the graceful, gently melodic Coldplay and far darker and more aggressive Nine Inch Nails are especially timely because both bands will be previewing material from much-anticipated albums. (Coldplay will also be playing a KCRW-FM benefit March 12 at the Universal Amphitheatre).
There's no release date for the Coldplay album, but "With Teeth," the first new Nine Inch Nails album in six years, will be in stores two days after the Coachella show. The CD is a confident, accessible work, far more in keeping with 1994's brilliant "The Downward Spiral" than 1999's striking but sometimes impenetrable "The Fragile."

Many thanks to nickynomad for sharing the news on Echoing the Sound.
Speaking of which, people are already making plans. Why not join the party?

Promotional poster sightings (updated again)

On Echoing the Sound, aquiet noticed "for all those in southern california, there is a poster on los feliz, before the five freeway, going towards hollywood from burbank, that is the new NIN logo for WITH_TEETH."
tjmilian was the first there with a camera, and posted a couple of images of the posters in the same thread. I've edited the close-up picture to remove the reflection of the flash. Click on the thumbnail for the close-up.
Updated 11:06pm EST, tjmilian adds that the poster only lasted a few hours, and has already been ripped off. SilentRaven wrote in to mention that a similar poster was up at Vermont and 4th in Los Angeles. David Newman spotted one in downtown Manhattan, and Matt Strutz saw one in south Philadelphia.
Updated 11:48pm ETS, I just got an email from Commy, who runs ThePerfectDrug, among many other things, who sent in a photo of a similar poster which she spotted in Chinatown in Manhattan. Click here to have a look. Thanks again, Commy!
Friday, 1/28/05

The Hand That Feeds

Several radio stations and German websites are reporting that the first single from With Teeth is titled The Hand That Feeds. It supposedly hits the airwaves April 11th. Thank you to everyone who wrote in!
Thursday, 1/27/05

NIN @ Coachella Confirmations Coming Through

The official line-up for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is going to be announced on their website on Monday, but already word is coming (unofficially and anonymously) out of The William Morris Agency (where people go to book Nine Inch Nails gigs) that Nine Inch Nails is indeed playing Coachella. Ambitious Outsiders broke the news, where it was picked up by Jeordie White fan site Base Tendencies, which was then pointed to by Blabbermouth. We first reported on Nine Inch Nails playing this year's Coachella festival in November. Thanks to everyone who's emailed us since then about it.
Wednesday, 1/26/05

BBC1 Airs Reznor remix of Vertigo - Listen Online

Radio BBC1 DJ Zane Lowe played the Vertigo remix on Tuesday, and because of the amazing online archiving system the BBC has, you can have a listen to his radio show in case you missed it the first time around. Or don't live in England. (Thank you, British tax payers!) Follow the above link (Realplayer required), the song comes in about 37 minutes into the setlist. Thanks to Liquidcalm for the heads up.
Sunday, 1/23/05 updates confirm lineup and release date's access section has updated, answering your questions about release dates, the band lineup, why Closure's not out yet, the probability of a video for the upcoming single, and many more things. Thanks to jade, Keara, bugsstar, Tim, Ernesto, shroom, and Kyle Triem.
Saturday, 1/22/05

And the REAL guitarist is... (no, seriously)

Finally, we've received official confirmation of who will really be filling the guitarist spot in the live NIN lineup: Aaron North, formerly of The Icarus Line. That's right, nobody from Guns 'N Roses will be performing with Nine Inch Nails this time around. You heard it here first!
Friday, 1/21/05

Astoria Gig Questions, Vague Answers

We have had lots of questions about the sale of tickets for the London show that was announced recently. Metal Hammer says that both shows are entirely sold out, in under 20 minutes. (It actually was about 35 minutes, but who's counting?)
Ads for the public sale of tickets went into current issues of NME and Kerrang!, however, they were put to print before the pre-sale even happened. Thanks to Wix and Tim for the scans.
At Echoing the Sound, the generally accepted theory is that there are a few hundred tickets left for possibly both days, most seats likely available for Thursday. With so few of the in-demand tickets left, selling them through larger ticket vendors is probably out of the question, and the best place to find tickets (on sale at face value) will be at the venue itself on the date of the public sale.
Tents and sleeping bags are in order, obviously.
Thursday, 1/20/05

Exclusive: Former Guns n' Roses Guitarist Joins NIN

Sources who know what's up tell us that Richard Fortus has quit Guns N Roses and joined the once-open position of guitarist with Nine Inch Nails.
Given that former Nine Inch Nails' guitarist Robin Finck was working with Guns n' Roses, this, of course, only makes sense.
Wednesday, 1/19/05

Release Date Madness

Alright, we're going to get a lot of release date rumors in the next few months. baudolino just sent one in from CDstarts, a German music store, with a March release date.
We just don't have time to post about all of them, and it's only going to get more confusing (see also our news about the revolving guitarist lineup), so in reference to a release date, take Trent's advice as posted on last may: "until you see a release date on [], assume it's false."
Monday, 1/17/05

With Teeth's first release date: May 2nd, 2005

Always on the up-and-up, Blabbermouth is reporting an official European release date for With Teeth, coming from a Swedish Universal representative. As noted on Blabbermouth, European release dates from Universal tend to preceed US release dates by one day, which would mark the US release for With Teeth at May 3rd, 2005 -- which coincides with a blurb in a recent Entertainment Weekly, which was not published here because we were admittedly doubtful, and have enough rumors as it is.
Keep in mind, every single initial release date for a Nine Inch Nails release that I can remember has been pushed back, usually due to manufacturing flaws. But it's safe to say that this is a solid indicator of the time scale we're looking at, with a single probably arriving between now and May.

Blabbermouth: Tempesta not in the lineup.

Aren't rumors grand? Blabbermouth knows what's up... a source close to Mike Tempesta has informed Blabbermouth that "there is no truth to the rumors that Tempesta will be playing guitar for NINE INCH NAILS on their upcoming tour."
Perhaps Kerrang! will have an updated lineup in their follow-up article, let's hope they spell the guitarists' last name correctly the next time around.

NIN: Performances Section updated

The tour dates have been posted on, along with some related imagery. Thanks to Kyle (deadsyninorgy) for the heads up.

NIN Tour Central

We have received a lot of questions about the Astoria gig, the email that was sent out, who the guitarist really is, and so forth.
Until gets a message board online again, check out Echoing the Sound's Tour News & Discussion Forum, where you can see what get-togethers are being organized for the London gigs, get an invite if you didn't get the London email, and do what so many here love to do, speculate on things you don't know about yet, like opening bands and guitarists and playlists and so forth.
The Tour News & Discussion Forum will expand as the tour kicks underway, with a General Forum for miscellaneous chatter, an Upcoming Shows forum with information about specific dates, and finally a Tour Journal section, where people can post their pictures and stories about the shows they attended.
Sunday, 1/16/05

Now that's out of our system...

Without people sending us email about news they hear about, we would barely get anything for news. But there are certain things we probably aren't going to post news about, because we assume more people here about it elsewhere than through this site.
The NIN Mailing List, for instance. Each month, we get several dozen thousand viewers coming to this page from It's a safe bet that more people visit than any other NIN related website. It is also safe to say that there are more people signed up to the email list than there are regular viewers here.
In addition, I'm on the mailing list. Twice. I sincerely thank the thirty people who emailed me about the email I got just before all their emails, but in the future, I won't be reposting specific news from the NIN mailing list like I just did.
In other news, I am working on an RSS feed that reads from a POP3 email address, which will automatically update the front page when such an email comes through (along with a lot of other RSS-related goodies on the front page, but ... well, you'll see soon)

NIN in London (or "Thanks, we got the email, too.")

Fresh off the NIN Mailing List:
Nine Inch Nails are coming to London to do two EXCLUSIVE nights at The Astoria as they get ready to release the new album, WITH TEETH.
157 Charing Cross Road
London, WC2 8EN
Tickets for both of these shows will not go on sale to the general public until Saturday January 22nd, 2005, at 9:00am. However, we are providing our fans the opportunity to get their tickets in advance. On Monday January 17th, 2005 at 4:00pm, this link will allow you to purchase your tickets for this EXCLUSIVE event early! Move quickly, as this window of opportunity
will only be valid through Tuesday January 18th, 4:00pm or as long as tickets are available.
Saturday, 1/15/05

Out with Deitel, in with Tempesta?

It looks like Blabbermouth has the scoop on who'll possibly take Ralf Dietel's place in the Nine Inch Nails lineup. According to a post on Audio Agression, that man is Mike Tempesta, of Powerman 5000 and the Human Waste Project. It turns out this information was being reported on a Texas radio station as early as January 9.
In addition, some people have reported a brief Nine Inch Nails appearance on Ticketmaster, with a Cleveland show where tickets went on sale January 17th. Now that link is dead. The link I was given by Scott had a band called 216 listed.
Why am I telling you this? Primarily because I want to avoid further email clutter. Speculation of this type is pretty much a waste of time, you might as well wait for an official announcement from or from a popular music magazine, even if they postponed their follow-up article.
Tuesday, 1/11/05

London calling, CNN Reporting, and more on U2

Ralf's old bandmates Feuer let slip that Nine Inch Nails will be heading to London in March and starting a European tour in April. (Thanks JV)
Also, many many people have written to mention that Nine Inch Nails was mentioned on
We also got a lot of contradictory e-mail about the Reznor remix of the U2 song mentioned earlier. U2 Fansite is reporting that only the DVD version of the new U2 UK single, Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own, will have the Trent Reznor remix on it. Now is also a good time to stress that this is a Europe Only release, and it will be released February 14th. Thanks everyone who updated us on this.

*updated* Keys: Alessandro Cortini. Ralf's out.

We just got corrected: We were reporting Kerrang's notion that Alessandro Cortini is playing guitars with Nine Inch Nails, when in fact he is taking up position behind the keyboards. In review:
Trent Reznor: Vox/Guitar/Keys
Jerome Dillon: Drums
Jeordie White: Bass/Guitar
Ralf Dietel: Guitar
Alessandro Cortini: Keyboards
Friday, 1/07/05

New details emerge on remix of U2 song, Vertigo

Ryan M. sent in a recent Launch news item that has details on the upcoming U2 single, "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own." Quoted from Launch, The CD single of "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" will also include a remix of the hit "Vertigo" by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, and Jacknife Lee remixes of "Ave Maria" and "Fast Cars." A DVD version of the single will include a live performance of "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" from U2's studio in Dublin's Hanover Quay section, as well as footage of Reznor working on his remix.
Chances are pretty good that you'll be able to get the single on iTunes, but the DVD footage is another story. The article does not mention a release date for the single.

Kerrang scan!

Included with the recent Kerrang! article about Nine Inch Nails was a new picture of Trent. We posted a bunch of photos from this shoot last year, but the versions posted here were in black and white. As you can see, that is not the case in this one. Big thanks to Wix for the scan!

Google search added to Archives

Because we get so much repeat email about news we've already posted, I've gone ahead and put a search box at the top of our archives page here. This searches everything hosted here on - the archives are actually hosted on echoing the sound, but then if you're repeatedly sending us news from 1997, we'll probably just put a filter on your email address.
I realize the colors on the resulting search are pretty hideous, but I'll be working on that in the next week or so. Lately, I've been tweaking some things at a site I was given, where the hosting hasn't been paid in a year, but it still seems to be online.
Thursday, 1/06/05

Get Lucky: Win a signed Digidesign Mbox

It seems that updated today with a contest (as promised) -- you can enter to win a whole bunch of Digidesign stuff, signed by Trent.
The Mbox comes with the latest Pro Tools LE software and a collection of valuable software from Digidesign, Bomb Factory, Ableton Live 4 (full version for real-time music production), Propellerhead Software, and IK Multimedia. The prize also includes an iLok, CD case, writing journal and t-shirt from Digidesign.
Wednesday, 1/05/05

Nine Inch Nails Tour Dates: Soon.

Lots of people went to today and read that they "will be announcing the first round of U.S. tour dates in the near future. for access to ticket pre-sales, make sure you are registered with the nine inch nails mailing list."

SickAmongthePure :: January.2005

SickAmongthePure is live with the January issue.
The inaugural issue of the year is really packed and features new interviews with Razed In Black (who have covered several NIN tracks on NIN tribute albums), Abby Travis (ex-KMFDM), System Syn, and much, much more than usual.
SATP continues to expand and have added more articles, and a new reviews section. Get your fix on and check it out.

Kerrang! brings band information and more

Over at Echoing the Sound, Chuck typed up some information from the current issue of UK Music magazine, Kerrang!.
In this weeks issue, Trent talks briefly of his new band, confirming that Jeordie White and Jerome Dillon are on board, along with "newcomer guitarists Ralph Dieter and Alessandro Cortini". A Google search brough up an Alessandro Cortini in the LA area whom is likely the man mentioned in the article. Danny and Charlie are no longer part of Nine Inch Nails.
Kerrang gave an ETA on the album coming out as April/May on Nothing/Interscope. Kerrang, not Trent.
The CD is finished, and contains 12 tracks, and is more song-orientated than The Fragile, which was described in the article as "instrumental soundtracks for movies that haven't been filmed yet." Said Trent, "I wanted to hone my songwriting skills with melodies and hooks."
Our last insight this issue: Trent ditched the Bleedthrough name because "people were thinking about blood or a tampon commercial".
Kerrang promises a longer interview & article next week, so stay tuned.
Tuesday, 1/04/05

Tour Rumor, Rehearsal Report

Borivoj from Blabbermouth dropped me an email letting me know that Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the NIN tour "kicks off in February- in SMALL venues" ... being that Bloody Disgusting also reported that Nine Inch Nails would be on the Seed of Chucky soundtrack, I hesitate to take them on their word.
On a related note, however, the band Collide was "running through our live set at one of N. Hollywood's nicer rehearsal studios, when lo and behold, the band in the room next to us was Nine Inch Nails. So Trent wasn't fucking around when he said they are rehearsing." This, coming from Collide's guitarist, Scott Landes, who added "Never getting to see them live (and being hugely influenced by NIN) it was a treat being able to catch a few of their songs."
According to the guy working the rehearsal studio that day, Nine Inch Nails are booked there for three months. I know what you're thinking, but please, don't be a stalker.
Thanks for the update, Scott!