Wednesday January 5, 2005

Kerrang! brings band information and more

Over at Echoing the Sound, Chuck typed up some information from the current issue of UK Music magazine, Kerrang!.

In this weeks issue, Trent talks briefly of his new band, confirming that Jeordie White and Jerome Dillon are on board, along with "newcomer guitarists Ralph Dieter and Alessandro Cortini". A Google search brough up an Alessandro Cortini in the LA area whom is likely the man mentioned in the article. Danny and Charlie are no longer part of Nine Inch Nails.

Kerrang gave an ETA on the album coming out as April/May on Nothing/Interscope. Kerrang, not Trent.

The CD is finished, and contains 12 tracks, and is more song-orientated than The Fragile, which was described in the article as "instrumental soundtracks for movies that haven't been filmed yet." Said Trent, "I wanted to hone my songwriting skills with melodies and hooks."

Our last insight this issue: Trent ditched the Bleedthrough name because "people were thinking about blood or a tampon commercial".

Kerrang promises a longer interview & article next week, so stay tuned.