Tuesday January 4, 2005

Tour Rumor, Rehearsal Report

Borivoj from Blabbermouth dropped me an email letting me know that Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the NIN tour "kicks off in February- in SMALL venues" ... being that Bloody Disgusting also reported that Nine Inch Nails would be on the Seed of Chucky soundtrack, I hesitate to take them on their word.

On a related note, however, the band Collide was "running through our live set at one of N. Hollywood's nicer rehearsal studios, when lo and behold, the band in the room next to us was Nine Inch Nails. So Trent wasn't fucking around when he said they are rehearsing." This, coming from Collide's guitarist, Scott Landes, who added "Never getting to see them live (and being hugely influenced by NIN) it was a treat being able to catch a few of their songs."

According to the guy working the rehearsal studio that day, Nine Inch Nails are booked there for three months. I know what you're thinking, but please, don't be a stalker.

Thanks for the update, Scott!