Sunday January 30, 2005

Promotional poster sightings (updated again)

On Echoing the Sound, aquiet noticed "for all those in southern california, there is a poster on los feliz, before the five freeway, going towards hollywood from burbank, that is the new NIN logo for WITH_TEETH."

tjmilian was the first there with a camera, and posted a couple of images of the posters in the same thread. I've edited the close-up picture to remove the reflection of the flash. Click on the thumbnail for the close-up.

Updated 11:06pm EST, tjmilian adds that the poster only lasted a few hours, and has already been ripped off. SilentRaven wrote in to mention that a similar poster was up at Vermont and 4th in Los Angeles. David Newman spotted one in downtown Manhattan, and Matt Strutz saw one in south Philadelphia.

Updated 11:48pm ETS, I just got an email from Commy, who runs ThePerfectDrug, among many other things, who sent in a photo of a similar poster which she spotted in Chinatown in Manhattan. Click here to have a look. Thanks again, Commy!