Friday January 21, 2005

Astoria Gig Questions, Vague Answers

We have had lots of questions about the sale of tickets for the London show that was announced recently. Metal Hammer says that both shows are entirely sold out, in under 20 minutes. (It actually was about 35 minutes, but who's counting?)

Ads for the public sale of tickets went into current issues of NME and Kerrang!, however, they were put to print before the pre-sale even happened. Thanks to Wix and Tim for the scans.

At Echoing the Sound, the generally accepted theory is that there are a few hundred tickets left for possibly both days, most seats likely available for Thursday. With so few of the in-demand tickets left, selling them through larger ticket vendors is probably out of the question, and the best place to find tickets (on sale at face value) will be at the venue itself on the date of the public sale.

Tents and sleeping bags are in order, obviously.