Tuesday, 8/31/04

Things Nine Inch Nails is not doing

Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor is not participating in a Fight Club musical. No matter what this month's Maxim says. Chuck has remarked at various public appearances that he would do a musical if that's what it took to get Reznor on board, but that doesn't mean they're doing it.
Unless plans have changed, Nine Inch Nails is not doing the soundtrack to the upcoming video game, Area 51. No matter what The Borys Kit wrote for the Hollywood Reporter. On track for this soundtrack as well as that of Tabula Rasa is Chris Vrenna/Tweaker, who recently performed at this year's Quakecon because he did the theme for Doom 3.
Nine Inch Nails probably did not remix Pet into Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums. It was probably Danny Lohner. Same guy who worked on the soundtrack to Saw with Charlie Clouser, and the same guy who covered Coldplay's "The Scientist" with Johnette Napolitano on the Wicker Park soundtrack.
Jerome Dillon is not this guy. That guy says he's Jerome Dillon, and trounces around RokBar in Miami like some kind of fat asshole. Now that we've had impersonators of Jerome in Miami and Danny in Atlanta, can we get a Charlie in Albuquerque? That'd be rad. Jerome's working on nearLY, and when we know more, we'll pass it on.

Webcam Archives enhanced for Dial-Up users.

As promised some time ago a Dial-Up friendly version of the Webcam Archives has been launched. Apologies for it taking so long. The two main changes are a choice to navigate the website in a text based format and new thumbnail galleries with 100 pixel wide images rather than 216.
Monday, 8/30/04

DualDiscers, Incorporated

I woke up today to find several emails in my in-box regarding this MSNBC article about a burgeoning new CD/DVD hybrid disc. Particularly, the last paragraph (sentence):
Several releases are planned nationwide beginning in October, including from David Bowie, Miles Davis, A Simple Plan, The Donnas and Nine Inch Nails. Executives wouldn't discuss pricing.
This presumably refers to The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition and/or Closure, the hot new re-releases allegedly arriving in stores this fall. Mind you, this doesn't necessarily say the NIN DualDisc will be released in October, only that the first DualDiscs will start coming out then.
Monday, 8/16/04

Webcam Updates

Apparently the webcam was on last night and the night before. Being in Manhattan for the week, I'm missing out on the webcam excitement. That's why I'm so pleased about the webcam archive over at Symphony of Noise.
Apparently not much went on during the 14th, but on the 15th, we had someone holding up signs wishing Tiffany a happy birthday, and a crew of three from Burning Souls Forum holding up a copy of the Fragile on vinyl, and a sign saying "Patiently Waiting." And of course, Leo made an appearance.
Sunday, 8/15/04

Regarding Echoing the Sound

Echoing the Sound's server is based in Florida, and Hurricane Charley passed just about directly over it. Everything's cool, Greg's fine, there's just no power to the server. When we have more info, we'll let ya know. Thanks for your concern!
In the mean time, Aphekqs has offered to house refugees at Blur of Serenity.
Friday, 8/13/04

Tweaker to Perform at QuakeCon

Yes, this is somewhat short notice, but if you hadn't got into QuakeCon by the 10th when the press release came out, you probably weren't going to get in anyway.
QuakeCon, the big bash thrown by id Software down in Texas is the place where, for an extended weekend, you can show up and play LAN games and see keynote speeches by celebrity programmers and show off your Papa Johns PC case mod. This year's reason to party is of course Doom 3.
Adding to the usual barrage of coolness, tomorrow night between 9 and 10, Tweaker will be performing at QuakeCon. Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh of Tweaker composed and performed the much spoken-of theme for Doom 3, though we haven't heard if tomorrow will see a live performance of that particular track.
If you don't have a computer decent enough to run Doom 3 and can't make it down to Texas, you can still have a listen to the track via a limited edition 7" vinyl.
Thursday, 8/12/04

Trent Reznor Doom III sounds for Doom3 *update*

We got a whole lot of mail about this one. Gamespot is hosting a Doom 3 trent reznor sound pack, which from my understanding takes the (superior) sounds from the leaked E3 Alpha version of DoomIII, and allows them to be used in the commercial release of Doom3. This in itself isn't terribly newsworthy, considering the E3 leak is stolen copyrighted material, and people who've hosted that content in the past have had the smack laid down on them.
What makes it extra interesting is that the Voodoo Extreme 3 website claims "Even though Gamespot got it from Trent, id wasn't too jazzed with them posting it."
Well, truth be told, neither Trent Reznor nor anyone from Nothing sent those files to Gamespy. Quoting Reznor, "I would never do that and don't support it. Personally, I feel Christian Antkow and Ed Lima did a great job with the sound in the game."

Linkin Park is a Roller Coaster

I ripped this right off of Blabbermouth.
LINKIN PARK have also introduced a "thrashy industrial" cover of NINE INCH NAILS' "Wish" (from the 1992 EP "Broken") into their set.
"I really like that song," Shinoda told "When we decided to play it, we knew most of the young kids in the crowd wouldn't know it, and maybe they need to hear it. Also, it's really fast, so even the kids that are into it don't know how to physically move to it, which is kind of funny to watch."

Hey, whether you like them or you don't, it's pretty cool that they are exposing people to good music. If you're going to whine about that, think about crusty Skinny Puppy fans who bitch about Nine Inch Nails (and about how many of them discovered Skinny Puppy because of NIN) - do you really want to be like that? :P
Friday, 8/06/04

Sorry Ladies

It looks like Leo Herrera has found love. Good luck, seΓ±or Herrera!
Thursday, 8/05/04

SickAmongthePure :: August.2004

The August issue of SickAmongthePure is up and at 'em. SATP examine race and rock, feature Aleister Crowley, 20 records Trent Reznor had nothing to do with, and way more. New staff and contributors abound for fresh ideas someone is bound to disagree with, or dig, so go spend a little time.

Ian Astbury talks of working with Trent Reznor

We broke the news a while ago about Trent Reznor working with Ian Astbury (of the Cult, and recently, the Doors of the 21st Century), and recently Ian spoke to Sonny Tremaine at Poptones, and in this interview he touches on that work, saying it is "probably going to see the light of day in 2008 considering what a perfectionist Trent Reznor is."
Thanks to deathnightkid and his post on Perfect Isolation.
Tuesday, 8/03/04

Closure DVD sneak peek

For those not glued to Doom 3 tonight there is other eye candy to inspect.
If you head over to the current section at you can view footage of the 2 DVD set of Closure coming to stores this Fall. Fans have a lot to look forward to as the set will have 90 minutes of additional footage. Thanks to everyone at echoing the sound.
Just in case it hasn't been posted already- if you venture to Kevin Smith's you can read a write-up on Trent and Dave Grohl. Thanks to Josh H. for the link.