Tuesday August 31, 2004

Things Nine Inch Nails is not doing

Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor is not participating in a Fight Club musical. No matter what this month's Maxim says. Chuck has remarked at various public appearances that he would do a musical if that's what it took to get Reznor on board, but that doesn't mean they're doing it.

Unless plans have changed, Nine Inch Nails is not doing the soundtrack to the upcoming video game, Area 51. No matter what The Borys Kit wrote for the Hollywood Reporter. On track for this soundtrack as well as that of Tabula Rasa is Chris Vrenna/Tweaker, who recently performed at this year's Quakecon because he did the theme for Doom 3.

Nine Inch Nails probably did not remix Pet into Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums. It was probably Danny Lohner. Same guy who worked on the soundtrack to Saw with Charlie Clouser, and the same guy who covered Coldplay's "The Scientist" with Johnette Napolitano on the Wicker Park soundtrack.

Jerome Dillon is not this guy. That guy says he's Jerome Dillon, and trounces around RokBar in Miami like some kind of fat asshole. Now that we've had impersonators of Jerome in Miami and Danny in Atlanta, can we get a Charlie in Albuquerque? That'd be rad. Jerome's working on nearLY, and when we know more, we'll pass it on.