Thursday August 12, 2004

Linkin Park is a Roller Coaster

I ripped this right off of Blabbermouth.

LINKIN PARK have also introduced a "thrashy industrial" cover of NINE INCH NAILS' "Wish" (from the 1992 EP "Broken") into their set.

"I really like that song," Shinoda told "When we decided to play it, we knew most of the young kids in the crowd wouldn't know it, and maybe they need to hear it. Also, it's really fast, so even the kids that are into it don't know how to physically move to it, which is kind of funny to watch."

Hey, whether you like them or you don't, it's pretty cool that they are exposing people to good music. If you're going to whine about that, think about crusty Skinny Puppy fans who bitch about Nine Inch Nails (and about how many of them discovered Skinny Puppy because of NIN) - do you really want to be like that? :P