Friday August 13, 2004

Tweaker to Perform at QuakeCon

Yes, this is somewhat short notice, but if you hadn't got into QuakeCon by the 10th when the press release came out, you probably weren't going to get in anyway.

QuakeCon, the big bash thrown by id Software down in Texas is the place where, for an extended weekend, you can show up and play LAN games and see keynote speeches by celebrity programmers and show off your Papa Johns PC case mod. This year's reason to party is of course Doom 3.

Adding to the usual barrage of coolness, tomorrow night between 9 and 10, Tweaker will be performing at QuakeCon. Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh of Tweaker composed and performed the much spoken-of theme for Doom 3, though we haven't heard if tomorrow will see a live performance of that particular track.

If you don't have a computer decent enough to run Doom 3 and can't make it down to Texas, you can still have a listen to the track via a limited edition 7" vinyl.