Thursday August 12, 2004

Trent Reznor Doom III sounds for Doom3 *update*

We got a whole lot of mail about this one. Gamespot is hosting a Doom 3 trent reznor sound pack, which from my understanding takes the (superior) sounds from the leaked E3 Alpha version of DoomIII, and allows them to be used in the commercial release of Doom3. This in itself isn't terribly newsworthy, considering the E3 leak is stolen copyrighted material, and people who've hosted that content in the past have had the smack laid down on them.

What makes it extra interesting is that the Voodoo Extreme 3 website claims "Even though Gamespot got it from Trent, id wasn't too jazzed with them posting it."

Well, truth be told, neither Trent Reznor nor anyone from Nothing sent those files to Gamespy. Quoting Reznor, "I would never do that and don't support it. Personally, I feel Christian Antkow and Ed Lima did a great job with the sound in the game."