Thursday, 10/28/04

Base Tendencies

The Jeordie White fan site, Base Tendencies, which has not failed us in the past with accurate exclusive news, points to the notion that the fellow in the new picture on that so many people are speculating about is in fact Jeordie White.
White has been playing bass with A Perfect Circle (with whom Danny Lohner's been doing a lot of work), though he used to be Twiggy for Marilyn Manson - whom Chris Vrenna is currently drumming for.

Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth has been updated.
Tuesday, 10/19/04

Tweaker 2am Wake-Up Call on DVD in 5.1

This story kinda snuck up on me because I heard a lot of secondhand stuff, but didn't really see any proper press releases, and wasn't sure how legit the stories were. 2am Wakeup Call, the sophomore album effort by Chris Vrenna's project Tweaker, is available on DVD in 5.1 surround, for $14.99 at the moment.
Monday, 10/18/04

Grand Theft Auto

Do you like committing random acts of senseless violence while listening to NIN covers? Then this should be right up your alley. Rockstar Games has announced the finalized tracklisting for the soundtrack to the highly anticipated video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and as previously speculated, AFI's cover of "Head Like a Hole" makes an appearance as a "bonus track". The soundtrack also features a great selection of music from the early 90's (the time period in which the game takes place), including Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, Faith No More and Willie Nelson. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas arrives in stores on Tuesday, October 26, 2004. Updated

Some welcomed updates involving The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition have been posted in the Current section of, along with a comment involving an upcoming release.
Mr. Reznor has also answered more of your questions. One of the answers touches base on what was to be called "Bleedthrough." He also gives an answer which resolves some questions concerning Nothing Records.
Monday, 10/11/04

Because we're good at killing rumors...

I got wind of this rumor via QueenFelix on echoing the sound. The lighting designer for Skinny Puppy posted some snippets of a conversation she had in a livejournal community, as seen here. Regarding whom Skinny Puppy should tour with in 2005:
SVP [11:05 AM]: the possibility of NIN or Tool for 2005 is good i think for the US.
Now, realize nothing is set in stone yet. My nextdoor neighbor wants to tour with NIN next year too, but that's not really news. But as noted in the posting:
Rozsecrets [11:31 AM]: LOl.. some fans might be a tad pissy.. as there is supposed to be a "rift" due to the NIN rise after puppy dissapeared.
SPV [11:33 AM]: well ogre and trent hung out the other night and got on very very well. so if they can be friends i assume the fans can
Rozsecrets [11:33 AM]: LOL! point taken.
SPV [11:34 AM]: lol cool

Take that as you will. I'm still miffed that the Ministry/Skinny Puppy tour didn't happen.
Sunday, 10/10/04

The Parasite that Never Dies

shaun wrote in and let us know that has posted the lyrics to their upcoming covers album, eMOTIVE, and the new song Passive appears to be what we previously knew as Vacant, the TapeWorm song that APC covered on their tour a handful of years ago.
It was mentioned on that "It's actually a reworked version of Vacant, the unreleased Tapeworm song that the band covered on their 2001 US tour," but I had trouble getting to the site because Skwerl is having issues with his registrar, or something. You can reach the site at the above IP address, if you had not already heard.
eMOTIVE comes out on November 2nd - election day in the US. You can watch the video for the first single, Imagine, at the official website,,, and had no comments on the issue.
Wednesday, 10/06/04

TNH briefly steps into the shadows with Stephen King

Now is the time to check under the bed and leave a light on, because author Stephen King is paying us a visit. The 'King of Horror' earned this title with creepy stories such as Carrie, The Stand and most recently in the final book of The Dark Tower. It is here where TNH became curious about a certain lyric contained in the beginning pages of DT VII.
In The Dark Tower VII NIN lyrics from Hurt were used. Have you always been a fan of Reznor's music or did you hear the Johnny Cash cover version first? What do the lyrics symbolize in relation to The Dark Tower VII?

SK:"I've always been a TrentRez fan--and Nails. "Hurt" says all you need to know about what life takes away. What it ALWAYS takes away in the end. A song like that is a treasure because it vocalizes what we all feel but somehow can't say. Of course the Cash video blew me away, but that song (and the Bad Company lyric) have been in my head for a couple of years now."
Writer/director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) has recently expressed interest in taking on The Dark Tower. Are you in favor of the DT series making it to movie or animated form? Is it possible in your opinion.

SK:"As far as the film...the Donnie Darko guy would be the perfect director, but the project is just so long. I don't know."
We think he'd be perfect too, SK! Donnie Darko is a fave movie among staff and fans. We also hope to see more NIN in your books in the future, because it's a perfect meeting of worlds. The ever mysterious Stephen King didn't hint on his next project, but you can keep track of The Dark Tower and Stephen King at these websites-
Official Stephen King
Official Dark Tower
Simon & Schuster Dark Tower
Road to the Dark Tower
And a poem that helped inspire the book:
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
TNH would like to express its huge thanks for the early Trick or Treat to the ultra cool Stephen King for giving us his time and to his management at DV Agency. Chuck, you're the man!
The NIN Hotline ©2004. Photos taken from The Dark Tower VII novel by illustrator Michael Whelan and Donald M. Grant Publishing. Article written by WhitechapelMolly. Do not reprint without our permission.
Tuesday, 10/05/04

Tuesday's Related Releases

A number of albums came out on Tuesday that may be of interest to readers here. Firstly, let's get the Charlie Clouser stuff out of the way.
The soundtrack to the movie Saw was released Tuesday. With nine original tracks by Charlie Clouser, this should be a pleaser for any Clouser fan. The soundtrack also features CHIMAIRA's "Eyes of a Criminal" and FEAR FACTORY's "Bite the Hand That Bleeds," which I believe was the single off the soundtrack. The movie's pretty fun, too, I hear.
Keeping on topic, Charlie had a heavy hand in Helmet's first outing in a number of years, titled Size Matters. He's been recording stuff with Page Hamilton for this CD for years, we had a peek at the track "Throwing Punches" on the Danny Lohner produced soundtrack for Underworld.
Finally, the Zack de la Rocha track, "We Want It All," produced by Trent Reznor, was released on CD yesterday with 13 other songs on Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11. If you haven't already checked it out on iTunes, you can pick it up with this mix of several fantastic artists.
And if the consumer bug really has you, you can pre-order the SACD version of The Downward Spiral on Amazon for $30. They don't have the DVD-A version available just yet, though.
Thanks to Jonas, Plurge, and alex clark.

Don't forget to vote this year!

As you've certainly heard on television ads, in your in-box, and seen on signs all across America, it's very important that you get out to the voting booth this year. The Digital Music Awards aren't as important, but I'd like it if you voted for the Hotline by clicking on the links in this update. Click on the beautiful blinky image, if you're not into the text-link thing.
Sunday, 10/03/04

TDS Deluxe tracklisting, more updated today, confirming the November 23 release date for The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition, as well as tracklistings, cover art and an explanation of the different formats. Also, some exciting news about the Closure DVD.
Saturday, 10/02/04

SickAmongthePure :: October.2004

The October issue of SickAmongthePure is now live.
The biggest and best issue yet, SATP features a new, original interview with seminal industrialists Die Warzau, who talk about music today, their home of Chicago, and their new album Convenience.
SickAmongthePure also have new interviews with Collide, The Evolutionaries, and great essays on The Induce Act, A Perfect Circle's upcoming release, eMOTIVe, and much, much more. So head on over.

The First Release Date for TDS

Scott sent in the word from High Fidelity Review.
Release Dates for Nine Inch Nails and Keane
Readers of High Fidelity Review will recall that Universal Music added the albums Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails and Hopes and Fears by Keane to their list of Surround Sound SACDs that would be "Coming Soon" a few weeks back. This week, Universal has moved both of these Surround Sound SACDs from that list to a projected in store available date of November 23, 2004.
- Keane - Hopes and Fears (Interscope)
- Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral (Nothing/Interscope)