Sunday October 10, 2004

The Parasite that Never Dies

shaun wrote in and let us know that has posted the lyrics to their upcoming covers album, eMOTIVE, and the new song Passive appears to be what we previously knew as Vacant, the TapeWorm song that APC covered on their tour a handful of years ago.

It was mentioned on that "It's actually a reworked version of Vacant, the unreleased Tapeworm song that the band covered on their 2001 US tour," but I had trouble getting to the site because Skwerl is having issues with his registrar, or something. You can reach the site at the above IP address, if you had not already heard.

eMOTIVE comes out on November 2nd - election day in the US. You can watch the video for the first single, Imagine, at the official website,,, and had no comments on the issue.