Wednesday October 6, 2004

TNH briefly steps into the shadows with Stephen King

Now is the time to check under the bed and leave a light on, because author Stephen King is paying us a visit. The 'King of Horror' earned this title with creepy stories such as Carrie, The Stand and most recently in the final book of The Dark Tower. It is here where TNH became curious about a certain lyric contained in the beginning pages of DT VII.

In The Dark Tower VII NIN lyrics from Hurt were used. Have you always been a fan of Reznor’s music or did you hear the Johnny Cash cover version first? What do the lyrics symbolize in relation to The Dark Tower VII?

SK:"I've always been a TrentRez fan--and Nails. "Hurt" says all you need to know about what life takes away. What it ALWAYS takes away in the end. A song like that is a treasure because it vocalizes what we all feel but somehow can't say. Of course the Cash video blew me away, but that song (and the Bad Company lyric) have been in my head for a couple of years now."

Writer/director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) has recently expressed interest in taking on The Dark Tower. Are you in favor of the DT series making it to movie or animated form? Is it possible in your opinion.

SK:"As far as the film...the Donnie Darko guy would be the perfect director, but the project is just so long. I don't know."

We think he'd be perfect too, SK! Donnie Darko is a fave movie among staff and fans. We also hope to see more NIN in your books in the future, because it's a perfect meeting of worlds. The ever mysterious Stephen King didn't hint on his next project, but you can keep track of The Dark Tower and Stephen King at these websites-

Official Stephen King
Official Dark Tower
Simon & Schuster Dark Tower
Road to the Dark Tower
And a poem that helped inspire the book:
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

TNH would like to express its huge thanks for the early Trick or Treat to the ultra cool Stephen King for giving us his time and to his management at DV Agency. Chuck, you're the man!
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