Monday October 11, 2004

Because we're good at killing rumors...

I got wind of this rumor via QueenFelix on echoing the sound. The lighting designer for Skinny Puppy posted some snippets of a conversation she had in a livejournal community, as seen here. Regarding whom Skinny Puppy should tour with in 2005:
SVP [11:05 AM]: the possibility of NIN or Tool for 2005 is good i think for the US.

Now, realize nothing is set in stone yet. My nextdoor neighbor wants to tour with NIN next year too, but that's not really news. But as noted in the posting:

Rozsecrets [11:31 AM]: LOl.. some fans might be a tad pissy.. as there is supposed to be a "rift" due to the NIN rise after puppy dissapeared.
SPV [11:33 AM]: well ogre and trent hung out the other night and got on very very well. so if they can be friends i assume the fans can
Rozsecrets [11:33 AM]: LOL! point taken.
SPV [11:34 AM]: lol cool

Take that as you will. I'm still miffed that the Ministry/Skinny Puppy tour didn't happen.