Tuesday October 5, 2004

Tuesday's Related Releases

A number of albums came out on Tuesday that may be of interest to readers here. Firstly, let's get the Charlie Clouser stuff out of the way.

The soundtrack to the movie Saw was released Tuesday. With nine original tracks by Charlie Clouser, this should be a pleaser for any Clouser fan. The soundtrack also features CHIMAIRA's "Eyes of a Criminal" and FEAR FACTORY's "Bite the Hand That Bleeds," which I believe was the single off the soundtrack. The movie's pretty fun, too, I hear.

Keeping on topic, Charlie had a heavy hand in Helmet's first outing in a number of years, titled Size Matters. He's been recording stuff with Page Hamilton for this CD for years, we had a peek at the track "Throwing Punches" on the Danny Lohner produced soundtrack for Underworld.

Finally, the Zack de la Rocha track, "We Want It All," produced by Trent Reznor, was released on CD yesterday with 13 other songs on Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11. If you haven't already checked it out on iTunes, you can pick it up with this mix of several fantastic artists.

And if the consumer bug really has you, you can pre-order the SACD version of The Downward Spiral on Amazon for $30. They don't have the DVD-A version available just yet, though.

Thanks to Jonas, Plurge, and alex clark.