Tuesday, 6/24/03

APC update and notes

From Blabbermouth:
A PERFECT CIRCLE: Sophomore Delays
- June 24, 2003
The second album by A PERFECT CIRCLE is now scheduled for release September 30, according to The disc will be the first to feature ex-MARILYN MANSON bassist Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez), who replaced Paz Lenchantin in February. As previously reported, the first single from the forthcoming album is said to be a track called "The Outsider". The band's 2000 debut, "Mer De Noms", was certified platinum for sales in excess of one million copies in the U.S.

Thanks to Somewhat Broken.
For tech lovers...
There is an article on ProSound that briefly mentions NIN's Fragility tour. Thanks to Matt W. for the submission.
NIN was also listed by Rolling Stone as #9 in the Top 20 "best live" shows. Thanks to everyone who sent in to us.
Monday, 6/23/03

The Borland Connection, plus APC news

Yves Boudreau and Somewhat Broken wrote in with some more news about Wes Borland's collaboration with some folks who have played in live incarnations of Nine Inch Nails: reports than in a post to his own website, Borland wrote "...I've been working with Danny Lohner on four songs for the movie 'Underworld'. That soundtrack may really turn out to be a great album, and I've seen the film about 10 times and I really like it.... Also, Richard Patrick from Filter and I wrote a song together, and that will be coming out soon, maybe on the 'Tomb Raider' soundtrack."
Also on Blabbermouth, "A PERFECT CIRCLE have reportedly set "The Outsider" as the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, tentatively due on August 19." Danny Lohner and Jeordie White (formerly Twiggy from Marilyn Manson) have taken the places of Troy Van Leeuwen and Paz Lenchantin in the live line-up for A Perfect Circle, playing guitar and bass respectively.
Friday, 6/20/03

Clouser co-producing Hamilton's Gandhi

Morpheus TechnoPagan from The Remix Files sends word that Charlie Clouser will be working with Jay Baumgartner in producing Page Hamilton's latest project, Gandhi. The studio session will begin next month! For more information, check out The Remix Files!

Trent Sez:

Many of you may already be aware of Trent Reznor's views regarding the sharing of mp3's on the internet, but in case there was any doubt, drives the point home with the following quote:
Trent Reznor, member of Nine Inch Nails: "Just because technology exists where you can duplicate something, that doesn't give you the right to do it. There's nothing wrong with giving some tracks away or bits of stuff that's fine. But it's not everybody's right. Once I record something, it's not public domain to give it away freely. And that's not trying to be the outdated musician who is trying to 'stop technology. I love technology."
So there. Thanks to .broxys for sending this in.
Thursday, 6/19/03

Danny Lohner Apparently Not Metallica Material

Somewhat Broken sent along this somewhat disturbing nugget o' news, quoted from Blabbermouth:
METALLICA's HAMMETT Reveals Why MANSON, NIN, JANE'S Bassists Didn't Make The Cut
June 18, 2003
METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has revealed to Sweden's Fuzz magazine that the group's decision to tap ex-OZZY OSBOURNE/SUICIDAL TENDENCIES bassist Robert Trujillo to replace Jason Newsted was based partly on the fact that he played the instrument with his fingers - a technique that wasn't shared by some of the other candidates for the slot. "We tried [former MARILYN MANSON bassist] Twiggy, but he played with a pick," he said. "We played with Scott Reeder from KYUSS. He was a good bass player, but instinctively, we felt that he wasn't the right guy for us. We tried out the bassist from NINE INCH NAILS [Danny Lohner], who also played with a pick. [We also tried out] Eric Avery from JANE'S ADDICTION, who once again played with a pick. And that was a sound we were not interested in. At one point, Robert even asked us if we wanted him to play with a pick, but we said, 'Definitely no. That's a sound we don't want to return to."
Monday, 6/09/03

Another Kerrang! mention

Chuck wrote to us with a Kerrang! addition.: Wes Borland (erstwhile Limp Bizkit guitarist) says: "I've been working with Danny Lohner from Nine Inch Nails on some things, some of which are film projects. Some of it is pretty special, so I'd rather save the surprise and not talk about it yet. Danny's great and he's turned into a really good friend post-Limp Bizkit."

Wes is currently looking for a singer for his new band, and lists Trent Reznor as one of his top five dream vocalists. Maynard James Keenan is another of the choices.

Thanks Chuck!


Chuck posted on the ETS discussion forums: An interview inside this week's issue of Kerrang! mag with Superjoint Ritual/Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo mentions the Tapeworm project. According to Anselmo, the material may be used in a movie soundtrack. We'll keep you updated if more develops.
Alicia06 and Fibbel wrote in: Robin Finck's official website has been updated.
Taken from NIN's "Pretty Hate Machine" was certified triple platinum (3 million in sales) by the RIAA on May 12, 2003. Thanks HaloSin68.
Tuesday, 6/03/03

Lohner not in London with Flint after all

...but as you can see, it's understandable why so many people made the mistake. Thanks to Andrea, webmaster of this Flint solo project website, we've pegged the identity of Flint's bassist not as Danny Lohner, but as Rob Holliday, who has coincidentally also worked with Curve, and whose own band Sulpher is compared on its label's own page to Nine Inch Nails. There's some noteable similarity in pictures of their live show. It did seem a little strange for Danny to appear in London, especially while he's supposed to be working with A Perfect Circle, but I received a couple of emails about the earlier mentioned show, and figured it was okay to go with. Maybe the Danny Lohner impersonator in North Carolina actually got a job ;)
For a montage of photos of Rob Holliday looking like Danny Lohner (and one distinct Trent Reznor style shot) click here.
Monday, 6/02/03

New old NIN photos in high resolution

Thanks to an enormous anonymous donation of press material from the Downward Spiral era, we'll be bringing you articles and photos from 1994-1996 that have never before been seen on the web. To start with, I scanned some photos I'd never seen, and I'm sure you'll get a kick out of. For instance, Danny Lohner in a blonde wig and a dress, which made picture of the month in a radio industry mag. I've noticed pictures of Trent and David Bowie playing together are few and far between, which is why this picture in as large as I could.
There's always been a scan of a picture of Trent with Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni, which I believe originated on the once oft copied but now totally useless Jason Patterson NIN website... but it's always been rather tiny. This remedies that problem. I also got a nice picture of the Tate mansion studio, where The Downward Spiral was recorded. Take a look at that Mac! And here is a picture of Trent, possibly from the March of the Pigs, possibly from a live show. And here we have an alternate take on a popular promo photo from the Downward Spiral era, for all you fishnets and leather fans.
Moving further back a bit, this picture is also slightly different from another more frequently used photo. This picture is actually scanned from a xerox copy, so it's not really great resolution, but it's a nice action shot from Lollapalooza. And finally, for now, this is a photo of the band, probably from the Lollapalooza era again, scanned from a rather small picture, so again the resolution isn't so great.
I'll try and post some articles from this cache as they get typed up, but first I've got to put the archives up for the past few months of 'news' ;)

Danny Lohner plays the bass for Keith Flint

Pseudo wrote in with some news that's easier quoted than paraphrased:
"I was at the Donnington Festival this weekend in England, I was looking forward to seeing Keith Flint's (lead singer/dancer from Prodigy) new band Flint play their first ever gig. Imagine my supprise to see Danny Lohner playing bass for him - I don't know if this is a perminant thing (mainly due to the fact that the basist in Flint's video is a chic) but it was awesome - Danny and the rest of the band rocked, although where totally underappreciated by the audience, due to playing unheard material from and unheard band - best of luck to them and Danny and thanks for your time."
Pseudo did get photos of the event, and is planning on posting them later this week -- we'll keep you updated.

New old NIN merchandise

Something interesting worth noting... Push Posters has been adding a few items to their admittedly small inventory of NIN merchandise. Though as you may be able to tell, their main focus is posters, they have recently added two tshirts to the mix. The first one is a Closure shirt which is actually still available at most online retailers, but the second shirt is the Gargoyle/Red Spikes shirt sold at the '95 tour with David Bowie. Except this shirt uses green instead of red. Which kind of frustrates me personally because that's one of my favorite shirts, but I've nearly worn out the one I bought in 95, and I much prefer the original red/black/white shirt to one with green in it. However, you may not care.
Also available are a couple of semi-rare posters, one for the aborted Lost Weekend, and a screenprint poster for the October 31, 1994 show at The Summit in Houston, TX (which also featured Marilyn Manson and the Jim Rose Circus show) signed by the artist, who goes by Uncle Charlie.
Keep in mind, this is a UK store, so prices are in £, not $. They do ship to the US though, and when things get moving again, they are a good place to keep an eye on, as I picked up a subway-sized Fragile poster and a We're In This Together promo poster from them.