Monday June 2, 2003

New old NIN photos in high resolution

Thanks to an enormous anonymous donation of press material from the Downward Spiral era, we'll be bringing you articles and photos from 1994-1996 that have never before been seen on the web. To start with, I scanned some photos I'd never seen, and I'm sure you'll get a kick out of. For instance, Danny Lohner in a blonde wig and a dress, which made picture of the month in a radio industry mag. I've noticed pictures of Trent and David Bowie playing together are few and far between, which is why this picture in as large as I could.

There's always been a scan of a picture of Trent with Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni, which I believe originated on the once oft copied but now totally useless Jason Patterson NIN website... but it's always been rather tiny. This remedies that problem. I also got a nice picture of the Tate mansion studio, where The Downward Spiral was recorded. Take a look at that Mac! And here is a picture of Trent, possibly from the March of the Pigs, possibly from a live show. And here we have an alternate take on a popular promo photo from the Downward Spiral era, for all you fishnets and leather fans.

Moving further back a bit, this picture is also slightly different from another more frequently used photo. This picture is actually scanned from a xerox copy, so it's not really great resolution, but it's a nice action shot from Lollapalooza. And finally, for now, this is a photo of the band, probably from the Lollapalooza era again, scanned from a rather small picture, so again the resolution isn't so great.

I'll try and post some articles from this cache as they get typed up, but first I've got to put the archives up for the past few months of 'news' ;)