Monday June 2, 2003

New old NIN merchandise

Something interesting worth noting... Push Posters has been adding a few items to their admittedly small inventory of NIN merchandise. Though as you may be able to tell, their main focus is posters, they have recently added two tshirts to the mix. The first one is a Closure shirt which is actually still available at most online retailers, but the second shirt is the Gargoyle/Red Spikes shirt sold at the '95 tour with David Bowie. Except this shirt uses green instead of red. Which kind of frustrates me personally because that's one of my favorite shirts, but I've nearly worn out the one I bought in 95, and I much prefer the original red/black/white shirt to one with green in it. However, you may not care.

Also available are a couple of semi-rare posters, one for the aborted Lost Weekend, and a screenprint poster for the October 31, 1994 show at The Summit in Houston, TX (which also featured Marilyn Manson and the Jim Rose Circus show) signed by the artist, who goes by Uncle Charlie.

Keep in mind, this is a UK store, so prices are in £, not $. They do ship to the US though, and when things get moving again, they are a good place to keep an eye on, as I picked up a subway-sized Fragile poster and a We're In This Together promo poster from them.