Thursday June 19, 2003

Danny Lohner Apparently Not Metallica Material

Somewhat Broken sent along this somewhat disturbing nugget o' news, quoted from Blabbermouth:

METALLICA's HAMMETT Reveals Why MANSON, NIN, JANE'S Bassists Didn't Make The Cut
June 18, 2003
METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has revealed to Sweden's Fuzz magazine that the group's decision to tap ex-OZZY OSBOURNE/SUICIDAL TENDENCIES bassist Robert Trujillo to replace Jason Newsted was based partly on the fact that he played the instrument with his fingersโ€ a technique that wasn't shared by some of the other candidates for the slot. "We tried [former MARILYN MANSON bassist] Twiggy, but he played with a pick," he said. "We played with Scott Reeder from KYUSS. He was a good bass player, but instinctively, we felt that he wasn't the right guy for us. We tried out the bassist from NINE INCH NAILS [Danny Lohner], who also played with a pick. [We also tried out] Eric Avery from JANE'S ADDICTION, who once again played with a pick. And that was a sound we were not interested in. At one point, Robert even asked us if we wanted him to play with a pick, but we said, 'Definitely no. That's a sound we don't want to return to."