Tuesday June 3, 2003

Lohner not in London with Flint after all

...but as you can see, it's understandable why so many people made the mistake. Thanks to Andrea, webmaster of this Flint solo project website, we've pegged the identity of Flint's bassist not as Danny Lohner, but as Rob Holliday, who has coincidentally also worked with Curve, and whose own band Sulpher is compared on its label's own page to Nine Inch Nails. There's some noteable similarity in pictures of their live show. It did seem a little strange for Danny to appear in London, especially while he's supposed to be working with A Perfect Circle, but I received a couple of emails about the earlier mentioned show, and figured it was okay to go with. Maybe the Danny Lohner impersonator in North Carolina actually got a job ;)

For a montage of photos of Rob Holliday looking like Danny Lohner (and one distinct Trent Reznor style shot) click here.