Monday, 12/24/01

AATCHB promo sheet scans

Here are the scans for the And All That Could Have Been promo sheet, courtesy of the Hotline!
Hope everyone out there is having happy holidays. One more day 'til Christmas! features exclusive interview with TR

As previously mentioned, an exclusive interview with Trent Reznor would be available at, as well as the trailer. This is just a reminder to check it out! The interview is two pages in length and goes in-depth with the technicalities involved in the DVD process. Here's a little snippet:
"When we do a live show, it's not just about learning the songs and playing," says Reznor, mastermind behind the visually intense, sonically complex Nine Inch Nails. "It's also about getting into the right framework to present the music in the right setting. A lot of thought goes into our live set list based on what we think people might want to hear, what we want to play, what we're better at and what could be a cohesive show."
Don't delay - head on over to!
Sunday, 12/23/01

Yahoo Chat, Promo stuff, e-cards, & more

At a trip to the local record shop, Jeff Ortiz came home loaded with and all that could have been promotional stuff, including a window cling, a postcard, a promotional banner and an info sheet - which had the following to say about the events coming up regarding the new release:

Radio: Ships to commercial/college/specialty/metal radio December/January.
Video: MTV and MTV2 special planned January. Live clip to be submitted to MTV/MTV2 for rotation.
Advertising. Plublicity: Radio comercial campaign, telivision comercial campaign, extensive print ad campaign, reviews in Rolling Stone, Spin, Blender, Alternitive Press, Details, and more. Cover of Alternitive Press "Most Anticipated of 2002" issue, and Mig Magazine. Feature stories in Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Stuff, Yahoo!, Internet Life, Macworld, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Time's New Digital Magazine- On, and Tech TV among others. Andvance press screenings in NYC/LA.
Planned Promotional Merch: Posters, flats, postcards, stickers, bincards, electrostatic stickers (window clings), streamers.
Internet: First in a series of Quicktime trailers is online at
Yahoo! chat with Trent Reznor (date TBA). to feature QT trailer and exclusive interview with Trent Reznor. Streaming audio and video clips on Realnetworks, Msn. Promtions on Launch, Yahoo!, Getmusic, MTVi, Heavy, and more. E-cards. NIN buddy icons. Online listening parties on Radionothing, Heavy grassroots campaigns/contests.
CD - $18.98
DLX CD - $29.98
DVD - $32.98
VHS - $19.98

It seems like we can look forward to a few sneak peeks at the new material in the coming weeks. Remember, Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been is due out in less than a month! If anyone who has any of the above posters/flyers/et al would like to send them to us, we'll do our best to get them online for everyone.
In a related thread, the (digitalnoise) news page reported earlier this week that you can download a NIN Live e-card from Interscope Records' website. Available for both PC and Mac, this digital postcard includes a sample of The Wretched performed Live.
Thanks to Jeff & digital noise for the information.
Saturday, 12/22/01

TR chat and other topics

We've been informed that reports concerning a new record, download of music in progress and the title" reported at another news site are untrue. We do know however that a chat with Trent "may happen", but no further details were given as of yet. A second source concurred with this information and added that anything found at the official site was an idea in progress. Nothing was ever set in stone. Our sources also wish to extend a Happy Holiday to all!
Monday, 12/17/01

NIN AATCHB promo stand-up scan

Bob was nice enough to send us this scanned promo for the new release and all that could have been.
Monday, 12/17/01

Clouser forming new band

MelCG sends word that boom31 from Perfect Isolation pointed out this CDnow article. In it, it mentions that Charlie Clouser is forming a new band with guitarist Troy from A Perfect Circle and Jason Slater from Snake River Conspiracy, entitled Revenge of the Triads. Sounds like it could make for an interesting combination.

Edge 102's History of Electronica

Toronto area station Edge102 is running a series called The Ongoing History of New Music, currently on Part III: The History of Electronica. Deadpool5 sent along that news, and here's a snippet of the article:
One big supporter of the Macintosh and technology in general was a kid from Pennsylvania named Trent Reznor. Trent was raised on techno-pop, everything from the Human League to Depeche Mode. Machines were his thing, he even worked as a keyboard salesman in a music store for a while. It was his job to demonstrate the capabilities of the newest gear to all the customers.

AATCHB Postcard Scans!

Mykhael Doucet, webmaster of, sent in scans of the postcard promoting the January 22nd release of nine inch nails live: and all that could have been. You can click on the thumbnails to view high resolution scans of the front and back of the postcards.
Sunday, 12/16/01

nin reworked in strings

Thanks to Travis, who sent this link along about Eric Gorfain, the man who is responsible for re-creating Radiohead's OK comptuer in its entirety using a string quartet. The article has mention of Gofrain possibly doing the same thing with a set of Nine Inch Nail's songs.
Tuesday, 12/11/01 updates with 'STILL' teaser

DIGITALNOISE.ORG has sent along word that has updated their website with a new teaser for the Still deluxe format cd featuring new music! Check it out now!
Sunday, 12/09/01

Spin This released Dec 4

mr moth sent in word that the January issue of Spin Magazine contains a full page ad for the compilation CD, Spin This - on which appears the elusive Trent Reznor remix of N.E.R.D.'s track, Lapdance. According to the ad, the CD was released - particularly to Best Buy - on December 4th. So if (unlike York PA) you've got an area Best Buy, check it out. The remix really grew on me, and it's definately one of those tracks best played at high volume. ash adds that the compilation only contains the edited version of the track, which is considerably chopped up due to lyrical content. Argh.

Reznor in the Press

A little weekend update for you on some nice interviews that have been coming in. The previously mentioned GetMusic interview is a well conducted conversation an can be seen in very high quality at this archived page.
Beck also took the time out to scan an article from the UK Magazine, Mojo Collections. In the most recent issue, with Nick Cave on the cover, they include a section called "Happy Shopper: what the stars dig deep for," and list Trent's choice purchases. You can see read the article here. (UPDATE: unfortunately, we drove too much traffic to this site, and it's having some trouble staying up. We'll grab a copy of the image and host it locally, next time it's live)
One of TechTV's shows, AudioFile, will be interviewing Trent Reznor about the Live DVD on December 13, at 8:00pm. You can check the show's schedule at this address. Thanks to xshock for that update!
Jennifer was watching MTV2 the other day and saw a commercial for the Spin This compilation we've posted about in October. Trent's kickin' remix of N.E.R.D.'s Lapdance is still going to be part of the release, so far. (The original press release stated that the tracklisting was not finalized at the time of its release)

The December issue of the Nothing Records online fan magazine, Sick Among the Pure, is now available. This month features a review of digital noise, some nice reader submissions, and generally more reading than previous months (though I managed to avoid ranting to them this month). So make your way over there and check it out.
Saturday, 12/08/01 in Metal Hammer!

Metal Hammer features Painful Convictions as their fan site of the month in their November issue. Either pick up a copy and turn to page 110, or check out the transcription here. Congrats to everyone over at :)
Tuesday, 12/04/01

Online TR interview

Get Music will be featuring an interview with Trent Reznor this Friday at 11:00am PST and 2:00pm EST. Look on the schedule for December 7th under Nothing recording artist, the A List. Thanks to nigel_e.
Sunday, 12/02/01

January 2002 AP Interview Sheds Light on DVD, Tapeworm

Many thanks to Venus from and Brent Smith from The Void for sending in the news about the contents of the January 2002 Alternative Press magazine. Subscribers to the magazine recieved the January issue this past week, and it contained a nice interview with Trent, as well as a review of the upcoming DVD and Live CD. NIN Live got an 8/10 rating;
...With this live disc (and corresponding DVD), Nine Inch Nails have arrived at that elusive point where artistic fulfillment and audience expectation coalesce. The album works as the best NIN mix tape you never got around to making, as well as an aural resume of Reznor's capabilites and his potential future aesthetic options. The days of him stomping an assembly line of DX-7 synths to rubble onstage may be over, but that only means something else - man, machine, or perhaps Reznor himself - is gonna pay later. Even after 11 years, NIN's ride remains as exhilerating as ever.
The interview, titled "Been There, Rocked That," Jason Pettigrew talks to Trent about assembling the DVD with Rob Sheridan, touches on how limitless budget doesn't spruce up the 'NSync arena gig he went to, and compares Radiohead's recent ventures into the experimental with The Fragile. Trent also talks about Tapeworm being next up now that the DVD is done, and a few other nice bits here and there.
So that we don't completely circumvent the process of you going out and picking up a copy of the publication where this interview is, we're not posting the whole thing for a while. But you can click on the thumbnails of these photos for larger scans, again kindly provided by Venus. Enjoy!
Saturday, 12/01/01

Two brief updates

Deadpool5 let us know that Telefon Tel Aviv is a featured artist at Audio Galaxy. Visit there to listen and also don't forget to stop by the newly opened official site.
Morpheus Techno_Pagan also sent in a small news item stating Charlie Clouser is listed in the "Friends" section of the Uberzone album called "Faith in The Future". (Charlie did not play on the album though.) On a side note, "Faith In The Future" features a track called "Frequency" with vocals/guitars performed by Page Hamilton (ex-Helmet) whose highly-anticipated album (to be released in 2002) will include keyboard/programming/production work by C. Clouser. Please visit the Remix Files for more CC info.