Sunday December 2, 2001

January 2002 AP Interview Sheds Light on DVD, Tapeworm

Many thanks to Venus from nineinchnailsart.com and Brent Smith from The Void for sending in the news about the contents of the January 2002 Alternative Press magazine. Subscribers to the magazine recieved the January issue this past week, and it contained a nice interview with Trent, as well as a review of the upcoming DVD and Live CD. NIN Live got an 8/10 rating;

...With this live disc (and corresponding DVD), Nine Inch Nails have arrived at that elusive point where artistic fulfillment and audience expectation coalesce. The album works as the best NIN mix tape you never got around to making, as well as an aural resume of Reznor's capabilites and his potential future aesthetic options. The days of him stomping an assembly line of DX-7 synths to rubble onstage may be over, but that only means something else - man, machine, or perhaps Reznor himself - is gonna pay later. Even after 11 years, NIN's ride remains as exhilerating as ever.

The interview, titled "Been There, Rocked That," Jason Pettigrew talks to Trent about assembling the DVD with Rob Sheridan, touches on how limitless budget doesn't spruce up the 'NSync arena gig he went to, and compares Radiohead's recent ventures into the experimental with The Fragile. Trent also talks about Tapeworm being next up now that the DVD is done, and a few other nice bits here and there.

So that we don't completely circumvent the process of you going out and picking up a copy of the publication where this interview is, we're not posting the whole thing for a while. But you can click on the thumbnails of these photos for larger scans, again kindly provided by Venus. Enjoy!