Sunday December 9, 2001

Reznor in the Press

A little weekend update for you on some nice interviews that have been coming in. The previously mentioned GetMusic interview is a well conducted conversation an can be seen in very high quality at this archived page.

Beck also took the time out to scan an article from the UK Magazine, Mojo Collections. In the most recent issue, with Nick Cave on the cover, they include a section called "Happy Shopper: what the stars dig deep for," and list Trent's choice purchases. You can see read the article here. (UPDATE: unfortunately, we drove too much traffic to this site, and it's having some trouble staying up. We'll grab a copy of the image and host it locally, next time it's live)

One of TechTV's shows, AudioFile, will be interviewing Trent Reznor about the Live DVD on December 13, at 8:00pm. You can check the show's schedule at this address. Thanks to xshock for that update!

Jennifer was watching MTV2 the other day and saw a commercial for the Spin This compilation we've posted about in October. Trent's kickin' remix of N.E.R.D.'s Lapdance is still going to be part of the release, so far. (The original press release stated that the tracklisting was not finalized at the time of its release)

The December issue of the Nothing Records online fan magazine, Sick Among the Pure, is now available. This month features a review of digital noise, some nice reader submissions, and generally more reading than previous months (though I managed to avoid ranting to them this month). So make your way over there and check it out.