Sunday December 23, 2001

Yahoo Chat, Promo stuff, e-cards, & more

At a trip to the local record shop, Jeff Ortiz came home loaded with and all that could have been promotional stuff, including a window cling, a postcard, a promotional banner and an info sheet - which had the following to say about the events coming up regarding the new release:

Radio: Ships to commercial/college/specialty/metal radio December/January.

Video: MTV and MTV2 special planned January. Live clip to be submitted to MTV/MTV2 for rotation.

Advertising. Plublicity: Radio comercial campaign, telivision comercial campaign, extensive print ad campaign, reviews in Rolling Stone, Spin, Blender, Alternitive Press, Details, and more. Cover of Alternitive Press "Most Anticipated of 2002" issue, and Mig Magazine. Feature stories in Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Stuff, Yahoo!, Internet Life, Macworld, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Time's New Digital Magazine- On, and Tech TV among others. Andvance press screenings in NYC/LA.

Planned Promotional Merch: Posters, flats, postcards, stickers, bincards, electrostatic stickers (window clings), streamers.

Internet: First in a series of Quicktime trailers is online at www.nin.com.
Yahoo! chat with Trent Reznor (date TBA). Apple.com to feature QT trailer and exclusive interview with Trent Reznor. Streaming audio and video clips on Realnetworks, Msn. Promtions on Launch, Yahoo!, Getmusic, MTVi, Heavy, and more. E-cards. NIN buddy icons. Online listening parties on Radionothing, Live365.com. Heavy grassroots campaigns/contests.

CD - $18.98
DLX CD - $29.98
DVD - $32.98
VHS - $19.98

It seems like we can look forward to a few sneak peeks at the new material in the coming weeks. Remember, Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been is due out in less than a month! If anyone who has any of the above posters/flyers/et al would like to send them to us, we'll do our best to get them online for everyone.

In a related thread, the (digitalnoise) news page reported earlier this week that you can download a NIN Live e-card from Interscope Records' website. Available for both PC and Mac, this digital postcard includes a sample of The Wretched performed Live.

Thanks to Jeff & digital noise for the information.