Monday December 24, 2001

apple.com features exclusive interview with TR

As previously mentioned, an exclusive interview with Trent Reznor would be available at apple.com, as well as the trailer. This is just a reminder to check it out! The interview is two pages in length and goes in-depth with the technicalities involved in the DVD process. Here's a little snippet:

"When we do a live show, it's not just about learning the songs and playing," says Reznor, mastermind behind the visually intense, sonically complex Nine Inch Nails. "It's also about getting into the right framework to present the music inthe right setting. A lot of thought goes into our live set list based on what we think people might want to hear, what we want to play, what were better at and what could be a cohesive show."

Don't delayhead on over to apple.com!