Thursday, 8/31/00

Head Like A.P.

In Alternative Press Magazine, on page 10, there is a small picture of a guy who has tattooed the A.P. cover of Trent Reznor onto the back of his head with the following article next to it:
Head Like A.P. Ron Mojomick of New Jersey admired our Trent Reznor cover [A.P. 134] so much that he decided to make it a permanent addition to the back of his head via a giant tattoo. When the tattoo is completed, the only difference will lie in Reznor's eyes, which Mojomick wanted to be blue rather than brown. We're in this together now, indeed.
Also, on page 20 is the following info:
Citing business shenanigans and inner-band conflict, one time Marilyn Manson proteges Jack Off Jill are on hiatus after their new album, "Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers," was released on Risk/404 Records this summer. Produced by former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, the sparkling electro-rock disc sports a great cover of the Cure's 'Love Song.'
In case ya didn't know, now ya do. ;) Thanks a bunch to dwnwrd, the webmistress of!

Live Footage From Madison Square Garden NIN Show has just posted an article concerning new footage that Motor Music (NINs German Distributor) has just posted on thier page. They have posted a 20 minute long video containing Head Like a Hole, Closer, Starfuckers Inc., and The Beautiful People. You can read the article here, or go straight to the movie.

Thanks Kristin.

Wednesday, 8/30/00

New Image on

A new picture of Danny Lohner is featured in the Current section of Thanks Kristin.

Cereal Killer!

The latest issue of Spin offers a wide selection titled "The 100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock". This section features Nine Inch Nails as #58, Cereal Killer.
NINE INCH NAILS' BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Trent Reznor and onetime aesthetic bitch Marilyn Manson went to great lengths to degrade female fans on their various joint tours. Manson's superego-free 1998 autobio The Long Hard Road Out of Hell outlines several such encounters--including one '95 escapade that involved burning a woman's pubic hair as Reznor and Manson went spelunking, so to speak, in her womb. But perhaps the most revolting antic on that tour was when Reznor, Manson and the fine freaks in the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow held a contest to see which groupie could hold an enema the longest before ejecting into a bowl of Froot Loops--which was then supposedly consumed by Mr. Lifto, the penis strongman. Jimmy Page, the bar has been raised. JOE GROSS

Things Falling Apart- October 17th

We've just recieved word from Dizzy at that the release date for the upcoming NIN album will be October 17th, not October 10th. Once official word is released, we'll let you know.
Monday, 8/28/00

The Scoop On The NIN Remix Record

Today The Meathead Perspective brings you new, exclusive information regarding the upcoming NIN remix record. Find out the facts!

Press Release for Things Falling Apart, DVD/VHS

Though dated the 25th, we're just now receiving this press release, sent out from Nothing Records.

"THINGS FALLING APART" features remixes of songs from "THE FRAGILE"
and Live DVD/VHS covers the "Fragility v2.0" North American tour

New York, NY, August 25, 2000 - nine inch nails announce today the release of two projects this fall ­ a remix CD and a live DVD/VHS. Entitled "THINGS FALLING APART," the remix record is slated for a mid-October release and features unreleased material and new remixes from nine inch nails' multi-platinum release "THE FRAGILE." The as-yet-untitled live DVD/VHS is scheduled for a mid-November release and features footage from nine inch nails' visually groundbreaking "Fragility v2.0" concert tour. Both projects were produced by nine inch nails' Trent Reznor. The untitled DVD/VHS marks the first DVD release from nine inch nails and documents the tour that covered 43 North American cities from April 12 through June 18, 2000 to sold-out audiences and rave reviews.

The band's official website,, will feature exclusive news and sneak previews of the remix record and DVD/VHS leading up to their release. The site currently offers a comprehensive archive of exclusive audio and video content from their 1999/2000 tours as well as images, streaming videos, an eMix of "The Big Come Down," and more.

nine inch nails recently received a nomination for a 2000 MTV Video Music Award in the "Breakthrough Video" category for "Into The Void". The track is the second single released from nine inch nails' critically acclaimed CD "THE FRAGILE."

Nothing new to us on the web, but just some official word from the management side of things. We'll toss this into our Press Release archive later on.

Things Falling Apart Info on

Rolling Stone has just posted some new information concerning the upcoming Nine Inch Nails remix CD: Things Falling Apart. The Article contained a tracklisting of the new album, information concerning whose doing what, and mentions the Live DVD coming out in November. Heres a bit:
Joining Trent Reznor and Co. to offer their own remixes will be Adrian Sherwood (the Cure, Afrika Bambaataa) and Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, David Bowie), among others. "The Wretched," "The Frail" and "Starfuckers, Inc." (in three different versions) are among the Fragile tracks being reconstructed.
Thanks Kristin.
Sunday, 8/27/00

Things Falling Apart Info on

Rolling Stone has just posted some new information concerning the upcoming Nine Inch Nails remix CD: Things Falling Apart. The Article contained a tracklisting of the new album, information concerning whose doing what, and mentions the Live DVD coming out in November. Heres a bit:
Joining Trent Reznor and Co. to offer their own remixes will be Adrian Sherwood (the Cure, Afrika Bambaataa) and Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, David Bowie), among others. "The Wretched," "The Frail" and "Starfuckers, Inc." (in three different versions) are among the Fragile tracks being reconstructed.
Thanks Kristin.

Additional EP information

Three versions of 'Starfuckers Inc.' will appear on the upcoming NIN EP. One of the three was remixed by Charlie Clouser and another by Porter Ricks. For the latest news on Charlie Clouser visit The Remix Files. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan for the information. officially launched!

Jane, otherwise known as Venus, has been working on for the past three and a half months, and is proud to announce that the site has officially launched to the public!
I'm looking for all of you creative NINians out there (or if perhaps you know of others who are) to submit their artwork that has been inspired by Nine Inch Nails.
The site features desktop wallpapers, lyrical artwork, graphic arts, fine arts, and a huge photo archive... among other things, of course. Any feedback, advice, support, or submissions are much appreciated! So, if you've got a little time you're willing to spare, send Jane a quick e-mail. Thanks a lot! :)

A bit of track info on the upcoming NIN EP

Here is a brief listing of contributors for a few tracks found on the forthcoming NIN EP,"Things Falling Apart":

The Frail (version)- Benelli
Where Is Everybody (version)- Danny Lohner/Telefon Tel Aviv
The Great Collapse- Trent Reznor/Alan Moulder (with additional programming and sound design by Telefon Tel Aviv)

Friday, 8/25/00

New Live Pics at has posted 31 new live photos of NIN here. They are great quality and include all the band members.
Thanks to David Stopanski for the info.

nine inch nails: things falling apart -- artwork/tracklist on

Check out the "current" page on for a link to cover & insert artwork, including a listing of the ten remixed and previously unreleased tracks on the upcoming EP, "things falling apart." More details on who's contributing can be found on

News Flash!

Details at for the upcoming remix record:
nine inch nails announces the upcoming release of a new remix record: things falling apart, scheduled for mid-october. the record contains unreleased material and new remixes of songs from the fragile. expect more information to be posted here very soon...
Also, more info on the DVD:
nin is currently at nothing studios, new orleans, working on audio mixing and video editing for an upcoming live dvd/vhs of the fragility v2.0 tour. scheduled for a november release.
Well, you heard the boy! Check frequently for more updates. :)
Wednesday, 8/23/00

Listen to New Jerome Dillon Tracks

Synthetic Rhythm has uploaded Real Audio files of the songs that Jerome Dillon contributed to on the Cecil B. Demented soundtrack. You can listen to the song he did solo, Chow, or the songs he did with Zoe Poledouris, Dying To Meet You and Sproket Holes Theme. Thanks TheWayOutIsThrough.

New NIN Remix EP: October 10th

According to among other sources, the release date for the upcoming Nine Inch Nails remix CD (which is currently untitled) is Tuesday, October 10th.

The EP will feature remixes off of The Fragile done by Charlie Clouser, Danny Lohner, Alex Empire (of ATR) and Trent Reznor. The CD will contain the cover of Gary Numan's Metal that clocks in at over seven minutes long. The Press Release concerning this information has not been released, nor has it been confirmed.

Saturday, 8/19/00

Reznor Praises New Orgy Album

Trent Reznor recently did an interview on MTV UK. He mentioned that Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie (Who was worked with NIN, and Produced the latest Orgy Album) gave him a copy of Orgy's Vapor Transmissions and said the album was "amazing". Trent also stated that he had alot of respect for Orgy. Thanks Jake.
Thursday, 8/17/00

A small update on the Lohner/Eustis 'Judith' remix.

The Lohner/Eustis remix of 'Judith' found on APC's 'Hollow' Australian single has been "aborted" to make way for a '3 Libras' single. This was due to radio pushing '3 Libras' earlier than anticipated. Danny Lohner has informed us that the status of the remix remains "uncertain", but he hopes it will eventually be released. He has not heard anything leading him to believe that 'Judith' will be on the '3 Libras' single. There is however "a possibility" that he and Josh Eustis may remix '3 Libras' for the single instead. Thank you to Danny Lohner for the update and clarification.
Wednesday, 8/16/00

Drumming up content for Spin magazine about Doom III

While treading, I came across a post by Nicci Wright regarding an upcoming Spin article regarding the latest installment to the id Software classic series Doom.
Writer Matt Schwenk sends word that he is currently working on an article for Spin Magazine about the recent news that the soundtrack for id Software's upcoming Doom title will be composed by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor. He's interested in hearing what hardcore gaming fans think (and who you would pick to do the soundtrack), so if you'd like the opportunity to be quoted in the article, send your thoughts to
So there you have it. Get emailing, gaming fans!
Tuesday, 8/15/00

Every step you take...

Today The Meathead Perspective exposes a new, darker side of Trent Reznor. Read... and be shocked!

Entirely new design online at

Interested in all things about former drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Chris Vrenna? Be sure to check out, a fantastic web creation by masters of design Soleh and Commy (whom I had the extreme pleasure of meeting in New Orleands during Fragility v2.0). Be sure to stop off at this spot on the net for the latest information on Vrenna's soundtrack work for the EA game Alice, and as further developments come in regarding his solo project, Tweaker.

Nine Inch Nails draws a winner for the Keyboard contest

Nine Inch Nails have announced on their 'current' page that Tyler, TX resident Keenan Schulz is soon to be a proud owner of a mutilated NIN keyboard (from the contest co-run by Spin) Look forward to an opening question from Keenan when holds their online chat with Reznor later this year. Also, a new contest will be announced in the near future at Look for things to pick up in the next couple of weeks...

Update on the NIN Hotline tshirts, etc.

Since news has been pretty slow, here's a litle status report on the NIN Hotline shirts. A lot of you have placed orders online, but only a quarter of you have sent in money. Good news for those of you who have already sent money: you'll be getting a little something circular and shiny with your shirts. For those who have ordered, but still haven't paid - I'm going to order as much of a full batch as I can afford, and I'll ship out the shirts as the print-out (or written out, as it were) order forms come in. I'd like to again say thanks for all the support, and also a big thanks to the Hotline staff, who continue to make this a fun thing to do. By the by, in case you hadn't noticed, we've added Ruiner to the roster. He's a good guy, drop him a note and say hi ;)
Saturday, 8/12/00

Nine Inch Nails clips featured on Rage

Last night, A Perfect Circle programmed Rage in Australia, and they played a couple of clips from Nine Inch Nails videos. The Perfect Drug was introduced with:
If you like it, watch it. If you don't like it, watch it anyway and then we'll play something better.
The other Nine Inch Nails song that was played was Closer, which Billy chose because of its relevance to the Judith clip.
This film clip has some amazing old film effects, which I really wanted for the Judith clip...
Closer was directed by Mark Romanek and Judith was directed by David Fincher. The full Playlist from last night's Rage can be found here. Thanks fox trotski!

Auction for Limo in Starsuckers, Inc. video ended's auction for the actual 1989 Limo Town Car used in the Starsuckers, Inc. video ended at $5000.00! Thanks Canadian.
Thursday, 8/10/00 Updated

In the "Current" section of, an image from 8.10.00 was added. Looks like the boys are hard at work in the Studio!
Thursday, 8/10/00

Win several promos on notified us today that they are having a contest to win several nin promo items.

Grand Prize:
1 Starsuckers, Inc. promo cd
1 Into The Void promo cd
1 We're In This Together promo cd
1 The Day The World Went Away promo vinyl

1 The Day The World Went Away promo vinyl
1 The Fragile, US promo only 8" x 10" full color window-cling sticker.

Visit for more details.

Listen to Tracks on Alice Soundtrack

As previously reported, Chris Vrenna is doing the soundtrack to the upcoming EA game, American Macgee's Alice. Chris was a drummer for Nine Inch Nails for more than five years.

You can listen to track 7 over at, the file is 4.8 meg. And you can listen to track 2 over at

Thanks Geoff.

Wednesday, 8/09/00

The Ongoing Durst and Reznor Feud in Revolver

Chad from #nin99 transcribed this little excerpt from Revolver.
Revolver: So what else is pissing you off?

Durst: Pissing me off? Trent Reznor is pissing me off. I'm a huge NIN fan; pretty hate machine was a huge part of my life. Big. Trent really took industrial music to another level. So to have him smashing a plate that's got my image on in his "Starfuckers Inc." video for no other reason than jealousy is really small. I understand his record isn't doing what he'd hoped it would, but that doesn't mean he has to bring everyone else down with him. Despite everything, I'd like to collaborate with him. That would be fantastic and our fans would love it. But instead, he's out there talking shit, and he's hurting himself.

Revolver: How did you feel when you saw the video?

Durst: You know, it didn't bother me that much at first, because he also smashed his own face, and Marilyn Manson's face. Courtney Love was also really brutalized.

Revolver: Rumor has it you've written a direct response to Trent on your new album.

Durst: It's just in the hook, "You want to fuck me like an animal/You want to burn me on the inside/you like to think I'm your perfect drug/But just know that nothin' you do will bring you closer to me". It's a parody of some of his stuff. At the same time I wanted to make a statement about the word 'fuck'. I say 'fuck' in the song 46 times. It's fuck everything until it numbs you.

Revolver: Or you blow your rage out of your system. That's one way of dealing with anger -- just let it out.

Durst: Yeah, Trent's probably going to be really happy that it got to me that bad. It's difficult, but I try not to dwell on what people like Trent or Courtney think...
Thanks Chad!

Reznor in Thank You Section of New Rob Halford Album

The latest release by ex-Judas Priest member, Rob Halford, mentions Trent Reznor in the "thank you" section. The album, Resurrection, was Halfords first release since his release Voyeurs under the band name of Two. That album was released on Nothing Records and produced by Trent Reznor.

More on Trent Reznor and DOOM 3

Recently, on August 8th, added a small tidbit labeled More on Trent Reznor and DOOM 3 in the "News Headlines" column. FiringSquad is a gaming site with focus on hardware and FPS led by Dennis "Thresh" Fong, top Quake player. Here is what was said:
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame has previously mentioned in an interview with Apple that he was interested in providing the soundtrack for DOOM 3. AMDZone managed to get John Carmack's latest take on the soundtrack status:

After the crowd had left, I asked John Carmack what the status of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Doom 3 was. Apparently, Trent very much wants to do the music for Doom 3. Carmack added that a title soundtrack would also be something they might do for Doom 3, such as done with Quake III, as well as an opening theme like the Quake II introduction sequence. The music should be more ambient as well than id's two previous games, Quake II and Quake III. All those who are worried about not being able to hear enemies in the game can breathe a sigh of relief, as this will also not be an issue with Doom 3's music
Many thanks to Chonine!
Wednesday, 8/02/00

Downright scary band photos from Forestglade

Eric wrote in to let us know that Digitech, a company who produces multi-effects guitar pedals, recently posted and detailed pictures of Danny's pedal rig. Shots of his pedalboard and rack of effects can be found on the Artist page, where Danny's lastname is misspelled Loner. Many thanks to Eric, who also noted; "You can also see the cornstarch all over his floor effects"