Thursday August 31, 2000

Head Like A.P.

In Alternative Press Magazine, on page 10, there is a small picture of a guy who has tattooed the A.P. cover of Trent Reznor onto the back of his head with the following article next to it:
Head Like A.P. Ron Mojomick of New Jersey admired our Trent Reznor cover [A.P. 134] so much that he decided to make it a permanent addition to the back of his head via a giant tattoo. When the tattoo is completed, the only difference will lie in Reznor's eyes, which Mojomick wanted to be blue rather than brown. We're in this together now, indeed.
Also, on page 20 is the following info:
Citing business shenanigans and inner-band conflict, one time Marilyn Manson proteges Jack Off Jill are on hiatus after their new album, "Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers," was released on Risk/404 Records this summer. Produced by former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, the sparkling electro-rock disc sports a great cover of the Cure's 'Love Song.'
In case ya didn't know, now ya do. ;) Thanks a bunch to dwnwrd, the webmistress of!